Vanilla Dee-Lite by Lush review

Saturday 21 February 2015 London, UK

It is odd for me to think that a few years ago I had no interest what so ever in Lush. For me it was just a shop that pretty much only sold bars of soap! I had no interested in soap before so I never really entered their shop. Well that was until about 6 months ago (I know I swear I wasn't leaving in a cave before then) I finally discovered that Lush was offering much, much more than soap. And the obsession began after reading many blog posts or YouTube videos about their products. I love their products especially bath bombs, but lately I decided to try one of their body lotions for the first time, I chose Vanilla Dee-Lite body lotion.

This little bottle doesn't look much but is packed with wonder. First of all the scent! shall we talk about the scent? yes we should because ladies smell is very often the deciding factor when buying beauty products. Well I fell in love straight away by the smell and that sold me already. I am rubbish at describing scents but because of the title it is a no brainier to notice a lovely vanilla scent but having said that there is more to it, like a coconut, cocoa, smell and also hibiscus. Basically the mix is lovely and not too sweet yet refreshing at the same time. 
But what about the body lotion itself? The texture is very light, it doesn't leave any sticky residue, or greasy feeling and penetrates your skin very quickly, also the scent stays on your skin for few hours which I personally really like. I do feel my skin is being hydrated enough for the day. 
Overall it's a great product and on top of that its by Lush so you know it's all natural ingredients, no nasty chemicals or perfume and also it hasn't been tested on animals. 
Will I buy this product again? Yes certainly even if it does come at a price of £12.95 for 250g, I do feel it is worth it as you know exactly what's in it and as I fall so in love with the scent and the quality of that body lotion I'll certainly purchase it again.
If you would like to know more about this product please click here.

By trying this particular product it gave me confidence to try more from Lush beauty range, do you know any others I should definitely try?


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