The Passionate One | St Valentine's Special

Friday 13 February 2015 London, UK

Red is the colour of love and passion, what a perfect colour to talk about on St Valentine's day. Don't worry do not go away if your heart hasn't been taken yet, this is not a post about about the best place to eat or go with your lover. No, today is all about the red lipstick, the passionate one, you know the one I mean,  the one that fits every girls lips.

Let me introduce you to Chanel lipstick and in particular the No 99. I got this little number in France back last Christmas and buying Chanel in France adds a certain ohlala to it. Being French Chanel is part of my culture, it's always been there! I always saw my mum wearing Chanel lipstick or smell her Chanel perfume scent everywhere she goes. Chanel is by far my idea of luxury yet with a classic vintage that will never fade away.
This lipstick is just divine, the colour is intense it is creamy and it is Chanel. I f you are to buy one lipstick and stick to it for the rest of your life then choose that one. he will complete you, he will make you feel even more beautiful and he will suit you. 

To all of my readers I am wishing you a very happy St Valentine's day.


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