Mini beauty haul

Friday 29 May 2015 London, UK

Lately I collected a few extra much needed, beauty items. I was craving a facial mask, a new mascara and I needed a new eye make up remover so I hit the London high street. I didn't want to blow the bank so I went for drug store items only. 
Like I mentioned above I was supposed to get only 3 items ...but ladies you know how it is, when you are bombarded by tons of lovely colours, shiny new packaging and lovely smelling items 3 items become 4 then 5 and...well... before I knew it I had 8 items in my basket. What can I say I am weak. Do I need help?  But you will agree with me that they all look so lovely and I surely couldn't leave them behind...right?

So I went to Superdrug and I picked up detoxing face mask by Superdrug own brand, which is supposed  to give a smooth and invigorated complexion. So why not? It is a dead sea mud mask which is always my favourite type of mask. I have never tried this product before so I am not sure what to expect but if you fancy a review on this let me know by commenting below.

Right now I am a sucker for serums. I want hydration , hydration and hydration as my skin is crying out loud for it. So I put my hope into the Simply Pure Hydrating Serum by Superdrug, I already tried it and I am not totally convince by it but I think I need to keep using it and perhaps my skin will start loving it.

I also got a Nivea double effect make-up remover once again I always like this type of make up remover especially from Nivea, I never like the cream make up removers I find them messy and you usually need to wash your face after but for liquid make up removers like this Nivea  one are quick and easy to use.

I also picked up my first ever BB cream and I choose the Rimmel BB Cream Radiance In the shade: Light. I know I am like 6 months behind but I just wanted to try them to see what was behind the whole enthusiastic craziness for all those BB creams.

While we are in the foundation theme, I also picked up the Rimmel Lasting Finish in the shade Soft Beige. I tried many Rimmel foundations in the past, along with other brands and I always have any issue with their quality but this time I choose the Lasting Finish for the first time. Once again I hope this foundation delivers.

Now my favourite part is the make up! I am always excited to talk about make up. This time I went outside the comfort zone of my favourite brands such as Maybelline, Chanel, Bourjois etc and I decided to give a much cheaper brand, Makeup Revolution  a go after reading many blog posts, which were mainly positive reviews, I decided to do the jump. I choose two lipsticks ref: Dazzle and Chic from this brand and they cost £1 each which I don't think I ever paid such a little money for liptsick before!!! I will do a review on both of them in the next few days as I think they deserve one and if low price make up can be considered or not in our everyday make up. Stay tuned my lovelies.

Finally in the same brand I also got a mascara, yes do you remember its that mascara I was supposed to get with only two other items hehe! do you remember :) So I got the Awseome Lash at only £3 Once again I don't think I ever pay so little before for a mascara.

So there you have it. Have you tried any of the above beauty products? Let me know by commenting.


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