a morning at India Jane

Monday 25 May 2015 London, UK

A few days ago I had the amazing opportunity to be part of India Jane's blogger event in their beautiful Chelsea's store at 121 Kings road. I was very excited to be part of it for two reasons: the first one is because after browsing India Jane's web site for days all I wanted was to see all their beautiful items in their real light and also who doesn't wan to spend an afternoon in Chelsea, in a beautiful store and be allowed to snap away as much as my heart wishes (Instagram and lifestyle bloggers perfect snappy day) .
India Jane is a family-owned home interior business founded in 1992. At our arrival we were introduced to their products by James Neil the Marketing & Brand PR.
 I will describe their signature style as elegant colonial, with a Chinese and Indian influence but also some of their pieces are very art Deco with a French Riviera twist. I was literally blown away by their store, everything I looked at was beautiful, well put together and I just wanted to move in and live in the store really but I am not sure if they would have been happy about this haha!

Also I was very happy to find out that actually most of their items were affordable which makes their collection even more attractive.
I especially fell in love with the wooden bird print above, and especially these adorable turtles paperweight (£16 set of two). Also I just love the fact that they have an unlimited amount of adorable porcelain (from plates, to trays and more) or glass artefacts which are my guilty pleasure or my weak point shall I say! Ooh did I mentioned they have an unlimited supply of beautiful candles along with candle holders? I told you India Jane's store is a blogger paradise! I had to be very strong to not leave the India Jane store with their huge candle collection but I managed to get my hand on just one glass pot scented candle. (which I will review in an upcoming post).
What about this beautiful glass elephant tray (£8.50) I was so tempted to take it back with me mostly because elephants are one of my favourite wild animals, I am quite tempted to go back to get it along with this beautiful glass flower vase (£75),  I think it would look amazing with, instead of flowers, some fairy lights in it or perhaps introducing a mini cactus on a bed of white rocks. Can you see my vision there? haha! We bloggers do love our fairy lights and mini cacti :)

Overall my experience was great, and even though the location of this particular store is in a exclusive area I didn't feel at all that India Jane was an exclusive or elite store and by that I mean that whatever your budget India Jane will suit your wishes, or if you're engaged I recommend getting your wedding gift list in their store as you won't regret.
 I will certainly come back to their stores and probably get my hands on more candles (sorry I cannot help myself) and probably get some of their pretty trays too!
Also during my visit I had a little chat with James Neil and I asked him if they'll introduce their store in places such as Oxford Street or in West End and he did confirm that this is something that the brand is actually looking into. So I was rather pleased to hear this.

So what are you though about India Jane store? Have you visited their stores? tell me all by commenting below.


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