The luck Uglies- book review*

Friday 15 May 2015 London, UK

Lately I got the great opportunity to read and review (my first book review yeepee!) the Luck Uglies -Dishonour among Thieves by Paul Durham kindly offered by Harper Collins.* I'll be totally honest with you I've never read a Paul Durhan book before but I knew the Luck Uglies trilogy was the type of read that I'm always on the look out for, you see I love fantasy, adventure, and anything magical so I knew this was really up my street! And what a beautiful surprise this book was! It is the second book in a trilogy so I read the first book to be up to date with the story.

Before I give you my though about this book let me give you a little story introduction but I wont give too much away as I do not want to spoil it.
The heroin Rye lives in a village where many strange things is happening and something that used to hide away in the darkness returns to haunt the village. While Rye sets about uncovering the village secrets, She uncovers lies, deception and a dark secret society that may actually help or not fight this darkness returning to the village....this is the plot of the first book so already a great appetiser of what is coming. For the second book Dishonour among Thieves Rye is taking you on a different journey, a journey that takes Rye outside the village of Drawing that I loved from the first book, and you'll get to travel with her to the Isle of Pest where a lot of new characters come to life and also a whole new bunch of villains for Rye to fight against.

I really love with a big L reading both books, they are witty, inventive, a breath of fresh air! Although they are aimed at a teen audience I strongly believe that they can reach, like with me, the heart of an older reader. I really love the magical story, the strong female heroin who is embarks you on a page turner of a story. If like me you enjoy amazing worlds where you can forget everyday life and enter a magical one then you need to read this.
I love both books and I am looking forward to the release of the third one, I am not too sure when is due but I surely will keep on eye out for it.

Have you read The Luck Uglies too? What was your though? please leave me a comment below.

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