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Sunday 17 May 2015 London, UK

Home is where my heart belongs, where my two men are and by my two men I mean my cat Pumpkin and my boyfriend. It's where we can hide away from the world, enjoy little things, from a good book, to a movie, make a tasty Sunday roast, lighting every candle that my heart wishes for. My boyfriend and I do not yet own our own place, and like most of 30 something Londoners we are renting a one bedroom apartment in London until the day we finally get our hands on our own place. So unfortunately we cannot decorate our rental apartment like we wish to, but until we can I start collecting things that are close to my heart or are just adorable.

 My two paper lanterns come from Sainsburys actually so no fancy decorating place like you could expect. I remember buying them last Easter. Originally it was only to decorate my apartment for Easter time but I end up leaving them in my living room, as I thought they added some softness and a quirky decorative feel. I am not sure if you can still get them at Sainsburys but they can be found on many websites like Etsy click here for a direct link. Anyway they are here to stay and I will probably incorporate them somehow in my future proper home.

I love my succulent plant! Funny enough when I first got this little succulent plant it was about 8 cm high and came with two other cactus in a cute little plastic box but unfortunately since then the two cactus went to cactus heaven after getting sick. The succulent plant did not die and grow so far up to 3 times its size since we got it about a year ago. I can swear that every time I look at it I find it even bigger than the day before.  I need a name for this plant , any ideas? The little rose gold metallic house come from Tiger and I bought it last winter. It's actually a fruit bowl but I thought it would look nicer as an decorative element for a plant. It is no longer available in store but I have seen many other retailers selling similar items, just keep your eyes open. 

Our 70's clock is not from the 70's unfortunately but have been designed in a similar style. This clock was actually a gift that I choose while on a little shopping stroll in Brick Lane market two years ago in London . I am not too sure if the seller is still there, but if you do not know Brick Lane market click here for the direct link. I love this clock very much and its unusual design. I'll be honest with you I am not a huge fan of the 70's style but somehow this clock caught my eye. I do think it goes perfectly with our flat theme.

My little Turkish bowl and platter. Two years ago my boyfriend and I spent our first beach holiday in Turkey and I found these two matching ornaments in the Fetiye market. Surprisingly they didn't get broken on the journey back to UK. I really like them especially the vibrant blue colours, I don't use them for anything in particularly but nevertheless I think they look really cool.

One of my favourite pieces of wall art in our whole apartment has to be my Lion/Bear/Moth picture frame. Yes you hear it well the left side is a bear, the right side is a lion and there are a few moths around the whole head. I love this print very much for the unusual art, the idea behind it and also a reminder how animals and insects are so precious and beautiful. The whole animal kingdom is very close to my heart regardless if they are big, small, scary, scaly, furry, venomous....they all deserve respect and love. I got this wall art about two years ago on Urban Outfitters web site on sale woop woop!!! at around £25.  It is no longer available but if you re looking for a similar design your best chance is to look on Society6. Or why not make your own?

My mini nano block Eiffel Tower! This was a birthday gift from a close friend of mine. I really love it, for three reasons: the first one is because it reminds me my childhood where I used to spend hours building space crafts or else with Lego,  the second reason is because its tiny and cute (who does not love cute things?) and thirdly it come from France. So looking at it everyday reminds me of where I come from and how far I have come since then. You can find nano block by clicking here.

Last but not least our dinosaur paper cards and my white shark fossil tooth.  I love dinosaurs! who doesn't and when I saw those paper dinosaurs (to built from scratch) at Muji I couldn't resit and I got them for one of my boyfriend's Christmas gifts last year. As for the white shark tooth fossil, well if you know me you would know that I am totally fascinated by sharks. It was actually a dream for me to become a sea biologist and studying those amazing creatures but unfortunately I have a fear of deep water so it will never happen really. I still have a great interest in these animals as I find them fascinating and I feel by caring and learning about these beautiful animals makes me fight those who unfortunately are trying to destroy them. Also I love fossils of any kind so combining my love for sharks with a fossil was a perfect combination.  I found this white tooth fossil in a small shop specialising in selling fossils of any kind in Notting Hill.

what's your favourite home items? Tell me all by commenting below. :)



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