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Tuesday 18 August 2015 London, UK

Once again I teamed up with ASDA to create and share a delicious recipe! The challenge was simple all I had to do it to use ASDA sweet BBQ Crispy Pork Belly and with it create a yummy combo of whatever I fancied.  So it took me a while to decide on what to do because this is challenge and when there is a challenge there is a winner. If I win this blogger challenge I’ll get to receive a yummy hamper from ASDA for the upcoming bank holiday so you know me, if there is foods to win I’ll do everything to win it!!

So as I mentioned above it took me a little while to think on what to do, I went from creating an amazing sandwich to an American style dinner, but no I decided to go for something that I thought will just match well this scrumptious crispy BBQ pork belly: I decided to go for no more than 3 or 4 simple ingredients as I didn’t want to overpower the pulled pork so I went for:
Sweet potatoes (you see what I did there. Sweet potatoes with sweet BBQ pulled pork !bang on! )
Carrot (that for the healthy yummy bit)
Avocado to clean the palette and for that creamy texture. (And I love so much avocado that I had to stick it there)
And parsley (for the fresh green taste and also as it look cool on picture! Yeap you know I am thinking Instagram picture on the presentation)
So this is my recipe challenge if you would like to re-create it.
This is a dish for two peoples (the boy and I) so you’ll need:

2 medium size sweet potatoes
2 medium size carrots
1 avocado
Small size fresh parsley bunch
Olive oil
Seeded Dijon fresh mustard
Sweet BBQ Crispy pork belly.

First all I decided to oven bake my BBQ sweet pulled pork with carrots mostly because of the weather I couldn't barbecue it. Having said that I would be worried to burn it on the BBQ so oven bake was actually a better choice.
I sliced the sweet potatoes thickly prior to cooking. I ten part boiled them before finishing them in a pan with a drizzle of olive oil.
I then sliced my avocado.
Once all was cooked I just plated it. And it was rather amazing, I just like the combo of sweet pork belly with sweet potatoes and yet biting into the avocado was a final touch. I do believe all my ingredient went well together and it just taste really wonderful.

So what do you think ? Tell me all by commenting below.


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