Blackberry foraging in London

Friday 14 August 2015 London, UK

It's strange to think that you can actually go foraging for wild foods in London but you'll be amazed that it is something totally possible as long as you know where to go. My boyfriend and I are very lucky as about 10 minutes walk away from our apartment there is a large, empty field where blackberries grow wild. Every year around August-September we know that we'll spend time foraging that field for succulent berries. Foraging is amazing and the idea of having free berries sounds great but I think it is important to always remember to take only what you need and leave enough for other people and most importantly for the nature itself such as insects, birds etc. In our mind we only wanted to get enough to make an apple and blackberry crumble and maybe have a little left over for a yummy breakfast. We stick to our plan without being greedy.

The weather was gorgeous and this was probably our last visit to this field because my boyfriend and are moving out of our apartment for a little one bedroom house further away. To celebrate our last weekend in our flat you'll agree with me that a blackberry and apple crumble needed to be on the menu.

Do you go foraging yourself? Please tell me all by commenting below.


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