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Sunday 9 August 2015 London, UK

I am a very lucky girl lately has I had the great opportunity to be sent and try a very special organic product, the Zeen Face and Body Oil. And to add to the fantastic opportunity this product won the 2014 Beauty Award so I couldn't ask for more!
I'll be honest with you, apart from occasionally using oil for my hair I have never taken the next step and bought an oil specially formulated for your face and Body. But this Zeen product intrigued me a lot and I was very excited to try it and report back to you all.
To start with lets talk about this products constitution and its going to be rather a short one because there is only one single ingredient, and this ingredient is organic Argan. Told you it would be short ! :)
Yes one single ingredient and nothing else I mean who can say that any of their face or body products are constituted of one ingredient? Anyone...? Personally I cant think of any, it's the only one that I have and it is a rather special one.

Here a little history to open your face and body appetite before carrying on:
What's Argan oil?
 Well its the world's rarest and most unique oil. Derived from Morocco's original women's cooperative. So not only this is a pure product it is also fair-trade and organic and it was used by Moroccan ladies for many generations. so far so good! I am loving it!
 Argan oil is bursting with vitamin E, rich in essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, 6 & 9 and antioxidants. And if you learn your lesson well at school, you know that this is all the good stuff that your skin is going to totally love and absorb.
I think I mentioned this already in previous posts but as I get older, and also perhaps wiser, I am more and more on the look out for more natural products and also I am very into finding alternative products that use less chemicals, plastic or petrol derivatives because lets face it our planet is suffering and we cannot carry on consuming those products forever. Sooner or later we'll have no choice but to stop. But do not go away my lovelies changing the world's beauty consumption is not the theme of this post but for a future one for sure. So this is why I am loving this product as I feel I am doing something right and all the packaging can be recycled.
So what is my impression of Zeen Face and Body Oilwell despite the fact that it is 100% natural and organic. This product was a rather surprising and very pleasant to use.
I'll be honest with you I only use it on my face because it is such a precious oil that I rather use it there rather than my body but I am pretty sure regardless which part of your body you decide to use it it will deliver.

First of all the scent is very nice, as you can guess it only smell of Argan nut and after application the scent do not stay long on your skin which I do not mind as I don't necessary want my product to have a scent to stay. Even though it is an oil it is not oily at all, the oil dries very quickly after massaging it into your skin and you do need a lot either, one spray or two is more than enough for your face and that's it.

Was my skin moisturised?
Yes it was, I usually love mixing my face cream in the morning by using a serum then a normal moisture cream but with Zeen I add nothing else as it just felt so lovely as it is. My skin was moisturised all day and also I didn't feel that my face needed more moisture during the day or that the use of Zeen made my skin more oily than usual. It was just lovely to use.

Will I recommend Zeen? A big YES, but for many reason: The ethics behind it, the all natural ingredients and the feeling that I am not putting any chemicals on my face! so for all those reasons I will recommend it.

Will I buy Zeen face and Body oil ? Yes even though it does have a high price tag (£40/5o ml) but sometimes if you want quality and natural products there is a price to pay. This product does not cost more than top face cream brands such as Clinique.

Have you used the Zeen product before? Please tell me all by commenting below.


*This post contains PR samples. This does not affect my opinion of the products.

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