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Wednesday 12 August 2015 London, UK

You probably know how it is, you get to pay day and all you think about is getting your hands on all new beauty items. Well this is pretty much what I did! I wont lie I didn't really need new make up but being a beauty blogger and having a love affair with cosmetics it doesn't matter if I am buying another red lipstick, or another blush to add to my collection. 
So here I am going to one of my favourite beauty stores few days ago with the bank card ready in one hand and my basket in the other hand. Here are my new shiny purchases that I still haven't had the courage to use because I don't want to ruin them (I know I am sad).

I am weak, and by that I mean that I am like a sheep and follow trend, so yes I FINALLY got my hands on one of those complexion sponges. They are apparently a little miracle sponge. the one I got its by Real Techniques, I haven't use it yet but I am looking forward to, especially when the weather will be cooler as right now I am not wearing that much foundation.

I was also very tempted by trying Color Tattoo Eye Studio by L'Oréal. I read maybe a dozen of reviews about it and they were all good so I got the 05 Eternal Gold in the hope this little golden pot will deliver. Have you got one of them too?

When you go beauty shopping you have to get a mascara! right? So you know it had to happen. This time around I am going to give a go to Lash Sensational by Maybelline. I have to say that Maybelline mascaras are very often on top of my list so hopefully this one will join the list too.

This is one of my favourite items I purchased, my second blush palette by Sleek. I already purchased a few months back the New Lemonade, this time around I went for something more in the orangey shade by buying the Sugar blush palette.

Lately I noticed that blue eyeliners are coming back! This reminds me when I was much younger ( I am talking back in the 90's) and where colourful eyeliner or eye pencil were rather popular in France! They weren't necessarily always to a good taste but lets' say we were 'experimenting'. On that note I got the Super Liner by L'Oréal in blue shade. Let me know if you want to have a review on this product.

I couldn't leave without at least purchasing one lipstick, well I didn't get one but actually two! I got Night Kiss (a rich plum colour) and Yours Forever ( a bright pink) by Gosh! I have lipsticks from this brand already and what I love most about them its that they are always very creamy and very pigmented, much love!

Last but not least I finally got my hands on a Silk Edition press powder by Bourjois. I have never tried this range so I am rather looking forward to give it a go, especially when the weather will be milder as right now the idea of covering my face with foundation and press powder does not appeal me.

So here you have it my latest beauty acquisitions. If you wish to have a review on any of the above products please let me know by commenting below, having said that I may review a few of those products anyway in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

What are you latest beauty purchases?

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