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Sunday, 29 November 2015

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas....

I don't know about you but when comes to November all I think about it's the joy I am going to have burning all my festive candles. There is nothing more joyful about candles and winter, a bit like Oreo biscuits and milk! They just go perfectly well together.  

So obviously it's about this time that I go crazy for all the large selections of candles available, and one candle I particularity keep until the festive season its my little robin scented candle by India Jane. I purchased this candle back in May when I was invited to the India Jane's bloggers event where you can find my post here.  At the time, this store had a small Christmas section already and obviously I couldn't help myself, I had to get this candle. I have been very patient and I kept it for 6 long months, because, and you'll agree with me, it would have been a shame to burn it during summer time. I just started burning this candle and it has a lovely fresh linen smell perhaps not the most festive scent but I am actually more interested in the cute robin perched on a branch designed on the glass, it screams: Christmas! Even though the scent is subtle it is still lovely and fragrant. Oh and yes I think I already mentioned this in previous posts but I totally adore anything with a robin on, this cute bird always melts my heart so of course this little candle is rather special to me and will have a special place in my house.
What's is your festive must have candle? Tell me all below. 
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