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Saturday 14 November 2015 London, UK

For some unknown reason I have lately been re-loving the L'Oréal brand! It's a brand that I know since well...forever. I am from France so this brand has always been there and always been trusted by my mum, my sister and of course by myself. But for some odd reason I stopped buying L'Oréal for quite a few years until recently.
Looking at their range I think it would be actually rather silly to not consider their make-up products, they have always been of quality and their packaging is lovely too. 
So for my come back love for L'Oréal here is what I got: 

The Smoky Nude Lingerie eye shadow mini palette! I have been on the look out for some time now for a light shimmer range and especially in the nude range colour category. I do own a few palettes such as Naked 2 by Urban Decay already but you can't have enough eye shadow, right? 
I've already tried all 4 colours and I do not regret purchasing it. They are not very pigmented which is exactly what I was looking for. Something shimmery with a light pigmentation is perfect for me for an every day look especially when I am at the office.

I also purchased the Infallible 24H-Matte foundation in the colour shade Natural Rose. I already used it once and it will probably become a favourite, I am already thinking to do a review once I have used it for a few weeks, so watch this space. Also I do like the packaging which strangely looks a lot like Smashbox. 

The third item that I got was the nail polish in the shade: 204 Boudoir Rose. When I tried it in store I immediately fall in love with the colour which is a bois de rose type of shade. I found it very chic and pretty, even though it might not be the right colour for the season it's still a beautiful shade. I already wear that nail polish and guess what? I am still loving it.

Last but not least, I couldn't leave the L'Oréal counter without at least one lipstick and to stay in the rose de bois theme to go with the nail polish I went for the Color Riche collection in the color: 302 Rose De Bois of course! I have also worn this lipstick a few times it might not be this seasons color but I like breaking the rule.
Overall I am more than pleased with all my L'Oréal purchases and I am glad to report that this brand hasn't changed. It still supplys good products at reasonable prices. 
Have you lately got any L'Oréal products? Tell me all by commenting below. 
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