Christmas shopping ideas for him.

Saturday 28 November 2015 London, UK

I don't know about you but I always find it rather hard to get gifts for men. In my experience my dad, my boyfriend and my two brothers are the hardest people to buy gifts for but somehow I always managed to get something that I know they will like. 
My number one rule for finding the perfect gifts for either your siblings, dad or even boyfriend, is not to find something you like but something to their taste. Very often people make the mistake of buying gifts they would love for themselves but not taking into consideration that the recipient may have opposite taste! I know this very well as my list of gifts I have received opposite to my taste is as long as my two arms but its the thought that counts, right? (note to myself: I must send my wish list to my family this year). My second rule is, throughout the year always mark down if they mention anything they like even if its 6 months before Christmas, trust me this will save you a lot of headache.
So here is a selection of gifts for men which hopefully will give you ideas. They range from £3.50 to £30 so great stocking filers or perhaps even a main gift.  Happy Shopping!
Muji Fire Log Candle - £3.50 I know candles might not be the gift idea for men but I got that candle as a stocking filler for my boyfriend last Christmas and we both love it so much that we got a second a few months later. And its a manly scent too so you can't go wrong.
Black Fox Cufflinks -£30 Perfect for a special day, I found them rather fun and unique and it's designed by Tatty Devine.
Bull Dog Skincare kit for men -£25 I rather like this gift set which includes a face wash, a moisturiser and a facial scrub. Men are getting more and more into skin care so don't let them miss out. 
R2D2 Star Wars cookie jar -£20.99 I am a huge fan of Star Wars, I literally have a countdown on my iPhone for when I am going to see the new one on December the 19th! And yes my boyfriend and I already book Imax tickets like 2 months ago.(not kidding!) I though about this jar as perfect for the nerdy, perhaps, brother who has just moved into a student home? It's fun and you can fill it with cookies! Yum !
Abbey Road Mug - £10 If your dad is a music lover (I am talking the good old Beatles etc.) so I think that could be a good gift idea and its a bit different too.
Iron Man USB card - £8.09 Also a bit on the nerdy side, a superhero USB card, where do I sign?
iPhone NY book case -£6.99 I really like the idea of this leather like book case for a mobile where your dad, for example, can put of his bank cards etc. By the way he doesn't have to have an iPhone, it comes for many other mobile brand too.
Knitted jumper -£19.99 This might sound like an unoriginal gift but who doesn't like a cosy warm jumper when its getting colder and colder outside!?
Cheese Board with knife set -£19 I have to admit I actually want this for myself so badly but its also perfect for any foodie in your family and rather affordable too. 

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