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Sunday 22 November 2015 London, UK

A week ago I had, once again, the privilege to be invited by ASDA for the launch of their new Free From range and meet Howard Middleton from last years Bake Off. So here is a summary: Spending a couple of hours at the Good housekeeping Institute in West End London with other lifestyle & foodie bloggers, eating cup cakes and other delicious foods while meeting Howard, I could certainly not refuse, you would probably agree with me, right?

This new Free From is a wide range of products such as: chocolate cake mix, lemon cake, porridge, shortbread biscuit, pasta bolognese etc. free from gluten, wheat & dairy but also balanced products. 
Lately my boyfriend and I decided to become vegetarians and cut down on salt, saturated fat, dairy etc. Hence also why I was also very interested to discover what ASDA had to offer.
What really strikes me is that if I would not have been informed that most of their products were gluten or dairy free I would have never guessed and I honestly tasted the most succulent chocolate brownie ever (sorry Betsy Boo, yours is rather a dream but ASDA was as good as yours!! Did you sell your recipe to them or what?). I was impressed by the quality and the very tasty cakes. Also all their products look like and taste totally like normal products and not missing anything.

You probably all wondering if I spoke to Howard? Well I was very shy at first and almost had the attitude of a 12 years old at a concert of 1D but after a shy hello he made me very comfortable and we chatted about his experience in last year Bake Off, his life since the show and his latest baking book which is not your usual baking book and his embrace gluten free recipes. While we were chatting he was making a crunchy nut carrot cake from his book. Anyway he was lovely and I hope he'll succeed in his baking career.
Howard Middleton and his book which you can purchase by clicking here.
Once again thanks to the PR team behind ASDA for the invitation, I had a lovely time meeting like minded bloggers and I ate my weight on Chocolate brownie but it was well worth it.

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