Brave By MAC

Sunday 29 May 2016 London, UK

Brave by MAC is the newbie in my little MAC lippy collection, which by the way is growing rather rapidly, so I am certainly not complaining there. This time around I went out of my comfort zone and I purchased a shade more natural, definitely the lightest shade I have in my MAC collection, it's a shade that I am slowly but surely starting to really enjoy wearing, which is unusual because I am more of a deep colour kind of girl, but with Spring settled and Summer just around the corner I feel its a shade perfect for this time of the year.

What can I say about Brave? its a nude beige, with a very light pink undertone, it's from the MAC satin collection, it smells of cocoa butter (yum!), it lasts, its creamy and it's pigmented, I mean here is the prefect recipe! I mean you guys know all about MAC lippy so there is nothing new I can tell you, apart from once again its a beautiful shade of creamy lipstick that I will for sure cherish for ever. Let's all take a moment to appreciate how pretty it is and welcome this gorgeousness into my collection

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