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Sunday 29 October 2017 Banbury, UK

Today, partner, baby and I decided it was just the perfect autumnal day to go have a little wonder around Warwick which , lucky enough, was only 30 minutes  drive away from where we live.
This was our first visit in Warwick we knew barely nothing about it apart the famous Warwick castle built from 1068. We weren't planning to visit the castle but just have a nice walk around town, get a bite to eat etc. You get the idea! We are planning to see the castle, eventually, but as it is pricey (£28/per person) we though it was better for us to wait few years, when our daughter will be bigger ,so she'll also enjoy the visit right now she is only 9 months old. 

Three things to see in Warwick: 

1- The centre town have a lots of independents restaurants and shops. I have nothing against very known shops / restaurants such as Zizzi, Starbucks, Wagamama etc. but supporting more local places its always a bonus, in my opinion. To try different dishes, atmosphere and to enjoy shops with different type of products. So two thumbs up for me.

2 - The old building with Tudor design is a must see! To see those wobbly Tudor houses, buildings...make the heart, charm and the spirit of a town, in my opinion, and a representation, perhaps not identical, but how it was back in the 15th and 17th century.
The Lord Leycester Hopsital is the perfect example (Picture above and below of this post). Used to be a place of retirement for warriors and their family. The building date from the 14th century and is a delight to see. (Its open to the public).

3- Obviously the Warwick Castle  As mentioned above we weren't planning to visit the castle but it is on our to do list in the near future.
Despite not visiting we still enjoy to see some part of the castle which you can see below. It is very grand, very dramatic, Harry Potter feel...I can't wait to officially come back and spend a whole day there and get all adventurous.

 If you look very closely above picture you might see some Harry Potter theme going on. Unfortunately this shop was close but still a joy to just dream by just watching the window display. 

 Have you been to Warwick before ? Tell me all by commenting below. 

* I am french and even so have been living in UK since 2001 please forgive me if there is any grammar mistakes. :) *

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