Autumnal Must Have Nail Polishes

Wednesday 18 October 2017 Banbury, UK

3 colours! This is all you need for this Autumn season nail polish collection. I selected for you the 3 colours that is a must have for any outfit from out in the the colder nights, misty mornings, or cosy evenings. Yet again I have to admit that I utterly love L'Oréal Nail Polishes Collection, it might not be the biggest one to choose from, but somehow they know what are the right shades that are going to fly off the shelves. Why providing hundred of shades when you can provide the best one instead?
Below is my little L'Oréal collection which lately have been well loved since the Autumn season began. And they are :

Rose ballet No 224- A dusty pink nude shade. You all know that as, a beauty and lifestyle blogger, if you do not own a pretty dusty nude pink ...well you are just not a proper blogger. This is one is just perfect! A perfect combo of nude with a dusty pink which is just lovely and delicate. Perfect for that first date or just for a girly outfit.

Rouge Opéra No 446- You cannot go into Autumn and not owning one proper Autumnal shade. So for that reason I selected the Rouge Opéra nail polish by L'Oréal. This is a deep orange shade with a brick /rusty undertone which just scream Autumn and ...not going to lie Halloween too! What a perfect colour to go with that boyish long warm jacket & that autumnal giant scarf. Perfect for a walk on a misty Sunday countryside walk.  

Gris Decadent No 672- I always have a thing for dark nail polish shades. I definitely could not include a dark shade for my ultimate Autumn collection (How many times I used the word Autumn word already?). This one is a dark grey /slate type of shade. Totally in love with it. It is just perfect for the cold weather, or an edgy look. Either way it is probably my favourite and winner for this cold season. 

So what are your favourite nail polishes shades for Autumn? 
* I am french and even so have been living in UK since 2001 please forgive me if there is any grammar mistakes. :) *

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