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Sunday 19 May 2019

Something that you may or may not know about me its that adore art of all form such as Renaissance but I especially love contemporary art. When I used to live in London ( I lived there for about 18 years) You would very often find me wondering at the Saatchi  Gallery ( see one of my old post about here) , the Tate Modern or even at the Photographer's Gallery. Very often, my now husband and I , will spend an afternoon on a Saturday exploring galleries all over London or as much as we could fit in a couple of hours.

Back few weeks ago I spend a weekend away in Birmingham with my husband and two things was on the menu : Exploring the Birmingham museum along with the Too Cute! Sweet is About To Get Sinister exhibition by Rachel Maclean and the Ikon Gallery. We did managed to squeeze other things like eating out, a bit of shopping etc. (by the way you can find my Birmingham weekend post here)  but those two places were on our priority list.
Ikon Gallery is an acclaimed small gallery located in Birmingham City. It is also free but welcomed donation. 
The gallery features temporary exhibition over two floors. Ikon Gallery shows work by artist from all around the globe. From media to sound, photography, painting, sculpture etc. What ever rock your boat you are sure to find it there. 
On our visit back few weeks ago, we were absolute stunned by the beauty and the art imagined by all the artists. We were absolutely transported by the exhibition by Hew Locke which you can see below:

Ikon Gallery was purely stunning. I am looking forward to come back to Birmingham in months to come and to rush thee to see their next exhibition. If you live or visit Birmingham soon then I strongly advice you pay a visit and support this small but amazing gallery.

Have you visited Ikon Gallery or wish to? Tell me all by commenting below. 
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