A weekend in Birmingham

Saturday 4 May 2019 Birmingham, UK

Few weeks ago, my husband and I got given one free hotel night in the centre of Birmingham city. This was not planned but one of my friend could not use the room, due to unforeseen event, so she kindly offer it to us.
This was the weekend that my partner and I just wanted. We did not have a weekend together since we got married back in January so you can only imagine how excited we were. This was my first time in Birmingham so I was well excited!
We dropped the kiddo to her grandma, that was delighted to have alone time with her granddaughter, and off we went to Birmingham.

on our first day we arrived in Birmingham around 3.30pm, we dumped our weekend bags in the hotel room and we decided to discovered the surrounding area. The hotel (Travelodge) was perfectly located in the heart of the city so pretty much everything was within walking distance. We decided to check out the area and mostly be on the look out for a place to eat later that evening.
Few hours later our diner place choice was made. We decided to go to the Mont Fuji Japanese restaurant a stone away from the iconic Selfridge building and about 5 minutes walks from our hotel. This Japanese restaurant was a yummy discovery that we surely would be back if we ever come back to Birmingham. This restaurant owner is actually originally from a little place near the Mont Fuji in Japan hence the name. Being a big fan to Japan food (and the culture, check out my Japan trip here or even here) I was well excited to tuck in.
I went for the Takoyako Dumpling (octopus Dumpling topped with bonito flakes, and OP mayo) which is one of my favourite Japanese dish and as main meal I chooses a trusty Bento Chicken Katsu box (Chicken filled coated in crispy Japanese breadcrumbs served with Tonkatsu sauce along with steamed rice, pickles , salad etc.) . My husband chooses a Tokyo Ramen Noodle Shoyu (Pork Belly with Gyoza Seasoned boiled egg, beansprouts, Wakame & Spring onion in a traditional soy sauce based soup). 
Let me tell you that Chris and I could definitely taste the authenticity, the food was so good that it remind me of my trip to Japan from many years ago. I strongly suggest you try Mont Fuji on your next visit to Birmingham centre. 

After our meal (full belly along with food coma was going strong) we decided to check out the Chinese quarter which ideally was minutes away from our hotel before we settle in in our hotel room for the night. The place was full of all type of Asiatic restaurants along with Asiatic shops and bakeries etc. we decided to come back the next day to get some Japanese goodies.

Quick ,but very yummy, breakfast buffet at the Traveldodge and off we were in town for a day of discovery.

We decided to check the Home session of the new 'world biggest Primark' that literally open to the public the day before. I was not planning to shop but literally we decided to just have a look and see what all the fuss was about! We stayed about 5 minutes as due to the high amount of shoppers my anxiety kick in so we left very quickly after that. But if you do not mind a shop being busy then have do visit that new Primark. It got your usual clothes collections and everything else  in between but what was the more exciting bit it's this giant Primark have a Disney theme coffee shop, restaurant, a non theme coffee / breakfast bar, a blow and dry corner and even a nail salon! I mean you could literally spend the whole day there if you ever wish to!


After our quick but very interesting trip to Primark we decided to have a look at Muji which is Chris and I favourite shop.
As usual Muji offered a wide selection of absolutely stunning home wear and everything in between.
We did not buy anything but decided to leave behind all the shops and head to the Birmingham museum. 


One thing we were really interested on visiting was the Birmingham Museum and especially the Too cute! Sweet is about to get sinister! By Rachel Maclean exhibition. I did a full review on it which you can find here.
Just after that we went straight to see the Egyptian collection and all the Renaissance art that Chris and I just love. 
 One interesting part of our Birmingham museum was the Edwardian Tea room which , in my opinion, deserve a visit. The room as the grandiose atmosphere from the past and the food are just 'on point'. Oh and did I mentioned you can order Champagne at the press of a button?  Well you certainly can and just for this it is worth a visit!


To end our Birmingham adventure we decided to walk alongside the canal and mostly pay a visit to the Ikon Gallery. A small but beautiful gallery that have everything for contemporary art lovers like my husband and I . If that is your thing then do not visit Birmingham without a visit. As I am planning to do a review on the IKON Gallery I 'll leave my introduction to this gallery here but do not miss my future post that is coming your way very soon.

The visit of the Ikon gallery was our final visit of our little Birmingham weekend, time was flying by very fast and it was indeed time to go back home and pick up on the way our daughter.
I have to say that Birmingham delighted and surprised me. I was not sure on what to expect but this city, that is changing very fast for the better, has everything to offer from:  shops, night life, culinary experiences to art cultures. We will certainly come back. Birmingham you've been great and your people too! See you soon!

Do you know Birmingham city ? Or wish to visit it one day ? Tell me all by commenting below!

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  1. Mount Fuji is literally my favourite restaurant, their ramen is amazing and definitely the best I've tried in the city! I've been to that museum so many times but never in the tea room, I had no idea they did champagne buttons - I might have to go and take advantage of that haha. I'm glad you had a good time in my city, we do have some really lovely places :-)

    Alice x

    1. I absolutely loved your city and I cannot wait to come back in few months time. Thanks for your lovely comment . x


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