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Monday 20 January 2020 Banbury, UK

Last month I got gifted not one but two gift cards, one from Next and one from H&M. One was given on my birthday (my birthday is a week before Christmas) and one at Christmas.

I mean I absolutely love gift cards. If people ask me what I want for my birthday or Christmas usually my anser would be:  'nothing' but if they insist I always say a surprise or a gift card from any shop mostly because most time I just don't know what I want so its easy for everybody and also its easy for them as they don't need to think much when it comes to gift cards.  So its a win-win for everybody.
With those two gift cards I originally wanted to buy home bits because Next and H&M (especially H&M) have lovely things but I quickly decided to treated myself because I don't think I would be able to hide another vase, ornement or else from my husband. Hahaha!

I felt my wardrobe was in need of new things (most of my clothes are many years old!) and my shoes situation or shall I say shoes condition well... was shocking. So on this note I got two pairs of trainers. 

A white simple fake leather white baseball pair from Next (£26) for mum's day when I am running around to get things down. Also I can see them going perfectly well with a skinny jeans or a normal a pair of jeans a white t shirt and a boyfriend blazer. Do you see it too?

Then I got a more fun fabric leopard print shoes by H&M (£8.99) (my 2 and a 1/2 years old called them: 'mummy tiger shoe' cute ! I know!) for fun weekend away or day out with husb and the toddler. I am thinking they 'll go very well with a black legging, an oversized jumper and a bennie. You know that fun and relax weekend look. 

Both pairs so far have been fun and confortable to wear. But most importantly they look fine with all my clothes.

Last but not least I also got from H&M this grey v neck jumper. Unfortunately I tried to find the link for you but it seems this particular jumper is no longer available. This jumper is much love already and super soft and cosy. I mean what more to ask? It s a classic long v-neck which go so well with the Leopard print shoes. 

What is your favorite piece ? Or what have you bough lately ? Tell me all by commenting below.



  1. These white shoes will also look amazing with skirts and dresses and you'll definitely get a good use out of them during spring and summer! But all pieces you got are beautiful ❤


  2. Oh my gosh how cute are those leopard print shoes? I love them! xo

    Makeup Muddle

  3. I love those sneakers! Especially the leopard print ones xx

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    1. I think they are actually my fav pair now . Thanks for your comment.

  4. Those shoes look nice and comfy :)


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