Hello Gorgeous by Lush

Saturday 11 January 2020 Banbury, UK

I received this box on my birthday last month. I am a December baby so my birthday is a week before Christmas's eve which its always something extra to celebrate during December (not complaining obviously). I got gifted that beautiful Hello Gorgeous Lush box. I  always loved Lush even so since I moved out of London I have not been trying as much all their skincare product as I used to (although I love their bath bombs but for sustainability reason I no longer bath for years but shower instead) but I do appreciate a lot all their skincare products such as body lotion, shower gel etc for their high quality, sustainability, Fairtrade and for their beautiful scent of course.

I was absolute over the moon when I got gifted this beautiful and colourful box by my mother in law, knowing I no longer take bath she made sure to get me a box with many little things that weren't just bath bomb and what a great job she did. And believe me of not but I knew it was a Lush box even before I opened my birthday gift bag as I  recognised that famous Lush smell you know that smell when you enter any Lush stores.

So what is in the Hello Gorgeous Lush box?

 In all honestly I am not a lover of shower scrubby thing but this little pot smell so good that at first I checked that it was not edible. Unfortunately it is not but I am happy to give it a go and Rub Rub Rub my whole body in it. It is a mix of jasmine (one of my fav scent) , sea salt abd fresh lemon juice. So definitely tangy and fresh.

I mean who does not know the Conforter Bar? Probably one of the most iconic Lush products. Even so this a product that I believe its to make a lot of bubble in your bath I will use it as a bubble soap bar ( I cab crumble a little on my shower puff) . Not sure how will work but I am pretty sure it will be fine. And in case you been buried under a rock for a century and you do not know what its smell like well The Conforter bar is a beautiful blackcurrant scent.

This little pot get me very excited indeed. I love moisturiser and this one is pack with freshly juiced fruits (cold pressed) and organic oils. What is not to love?

As I mentioned earlier I don't do bath for sustainability reason (save water people! shower is better than bath!) but my daughter do shallow bath every few days so she will be the one enjoying that one. This delightful bath bomb is a mix of Japanese cherry blossom, jasmine (my fav) and mimosa. Its smell divine.

Excitement was at level high when I discover this lotion was in my box. Its a good one people. Full Organic virgin olive oil, oat milk, rose water and cocoa butter. I mean !! come on !!! That lotion is very moisturising and smell so good but yet not too overpowering. I tried it few times already and I am sold.

On another one of the iconic Lush product. Who have not try the Rose Jam shower gel before? If you lift your hand up then you should be on a naughty step but I'll forgive you this once. As the tittle suggest its rose scent as simple as it is but its a good one. I love that shower gel. I used it before and I am pleased to have it back in my bathroom.

Hello Gorgeous Box by Lush is available find it here.


  1. There are no Lush stores in Slovakia and for now, there's only one store in Prague and a few in Vienna. I was in Lush twice, but I didn't really have the time to look at what they have and buy something, because both times I was in a rush and I didn't want to buy something I didn't need; but hopefully I'll go to Prague some time this year — and I'll finally buy something from there, because everything looks amazing ❤


    1. thanks Berenica for your next comment. I hope you get to buy nice Lush goodies soon. Keep me updated. x


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