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Monday 27 January 2020

Inspired by Keiko Lynn I though I start my own Monday Links Round Up. I do not know yet if I do this series every week but I'll give it a good try. 
This week went fast: Gym sessions, Slimming World (I lost 6.5lb yeah!)  and Rock Choir was on the menu along with keeping a toddler entertain.
Talking entertaining my little girl, we are off to the Millets Farm today. This place is great with a free farm to visit but they also have a fantastic and huge farm shop (Chris and I are all about organic / free range products) and a Millet garden center. I will probably, yet again, be back with an other indoor plant ...what can I say? I am weak. Its a day out for the toddler but clearly very much for the parents too. 

Right I must stop rambling please find below few links of blog, movies or else that I really enjoyed the past week:

Season 2 of Sex Education is out on Netflix and of course I binged on it:  Its fun, its well acted and I am loving all the sex related themes and the importance of understanding all the different relationships.  Also I love all the brilliant British actors. Love.

An other series from Netflix its At the end of the f***ing world series. Husband started watching it and I went along for the ride. Cool so far.

Little Women. Love love love this new film interpretation of Louisa May Alcott's novel. Although I still very much love the 90's version with Winona Ryder but honestly this version is a winner in my heart too. 

Berinica new blog post about why she live a zero waist life. is very interesting to read. Also she's a talented blogger, photographer, her blog is stunning and she is the kindest blogger that I know around. You know what to do. Go check her blog!

Pinch of nom cooking book for healthy low calories lover of food. I joined Slimming World so this book is my saver or at least give me lots of inspiration of meal to cook not just for me but for my family too.

I need this retro Casio watch. I am a kid of the 80's so of course it remind me of my childhood. I must have it!

One for the kid. I took my daughter to the special morning kid show at my local Odeon to see: Shaun the sheep : Farmaggedon. It was funny and so well animated! Fun for all really! My daughter loved it and it also was her 1st ever film experience, yeah! if you have young ones...go for it!

Hope you had a good weekend peeps! Until next time...Byeeee !



  1. First of all — congrafulations on the weight loss! And thank you so much for listing me and my post as well; it truly means a world to me :)
    And I really want to watch Little Women, but I haven't read the book yet and I want to do so before I watch the film (I don't know why I do this, but I always read the book before watching the film, it just feels... right this way :D)
    And great post, Marie ❤


    1. Thanks Berenica. You should try to read it first indeed to appreciate even more the movie. Thanks for your comment as usual.


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