My Diet Journey || Week 9

Wednesday 18 March 2020 Banbury, UK

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W E E K  9

Monday the 9th March 2020.

This evening it was the weight in at Slimming World and I lost an honest 2 lb. I am very delighted about it but slightly annoyed as I was only a 1/2 a pound away from winning my 2 stones reward along with my Club 10 Reward (Club 10 reward its when you lost 10% of your body weight), but it's ok. I will get those 2 rewards next week because of course I will lose more than 1/2 a pound by then.
So far my weight lost come to a total of  : 1 stones 13 and 1/2.

Anxiety and diet :
I feel anxious every time I am queuing to be weight in. My throat get tight , my breathing get more difficult and my heart beat faster or it feel like it does. Why oh why this is happening every single time. I feel like its all in a dream that my weight lost is just not a reality they are lying to me.
Of course they are not but I believe I am so used to be big and to struggle in the past with my weight lost that I can help myself to feel this way. I am hoping thing will calm down eventually and I will accept that my body is changing by slimming.

How my week have been so far?
Really good in all honestly. I went to the gym few times and everything is kind of the same apart the panic that some people have regarding the coronavirus 19. Personally this not scaring me as I understand the fact about it and not read paper or listen to media that cannot be trusted. I am more worried of people panic buy and being individual selfish that do not think of the most vulnerable in our society such as people with low income for example. I am also worried for my 93 years old grandmother but I literally find out that her carrying home no longer accept visit (she is in a care home in South of France) .So yes I am not worried about that virus but people total idiotie & selfishness.

I had my diabetic blood test this week, I wont have the result until next week but I already know and feel that my blood glucose went down which of course is a good news. Of course before celebrating it I do need to see the result but lets say I am feeling confident about it. I won't know until I next see my lovely diabetic nurse which have been taking care of me for a long while now. I'll be seing her end of this month and I cannot wait.

My next weight in is coming Monday the 16th of March. Only 3 days to go really and I really do home I lost at least 3lb , we shall see.

No new recipe to share with you this week, I kind of cook the one that I know already. But truly I will try to come next week with a Slimming World recipe to share with you.

Thanks for all your support.



  1. I want to try heathier diet too.
    And to check my blood too!


    1. thanks for your comment. I hope you get to do an healthier diet soon. x

  2. EXACTLY what Im looking for today! Thanks for sharing!!


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