My Diet Journey || Week 8

Wednesday 11 March 2020 Oxfordshire, UK

02.03.20 -> 08.03.20

W E E K  8

Almost 2 months since I joined Slimming World, it seems it was only yesterday.
You all want to know how I did on my last weight in , which was Monday 01.03.20. I lost: 5 and 1/2 lb !!! I mean this is my second best lost since I started this journey. Which make it a total of 1 stone 11 lb so far. Not only I reached my 1 stone 1/2 reward I was also 'slimmer of the week' for the second time! Also I am 3lb away from reaching my 2 stones reward. Which perhaps would be reached on next weight in? I take bet now.
I was absolutely delighted by the result especially since last time my lost was too low for my licking. This lost was just what I needed: A boost of confidence really.

How was my week?
This week have been fine. I went to the gym few times. Nothing to report really. Apart the odd day were I felt a bit low. I think it was a bit of an hormonal reasons and also because let's face it, being on diet is not the most fun things to do. Don't take me wrong I am extremely motivated and this journey is far from ending as I 'll carry on until I reach my goal weight (which I am hoping to reach by October / November this year). But its hard at times and that's totally normal. Anyone trying to make a change in its life, regardless what that change could be, they will find days where it is more challenging than others. We are only human after all.

My next weight in is on Monday the 9th of March. I am feeling nervous about it. I do not really have a valid reasons but I guess, after the excellent result of earlier this week, I am worrying it was just a dream and that my next result will be negative. Self doubt anyone? I feel like I need to give myself a pat on the back for what I achieved already but I always self doubt myself, always....

How's next week looking?
I hope a good weight in lost result. I am hoping for at least 3lb so I'll get my 2 stones reward but I'll be happy with 2lb. I'll let you know how I did on my next Diet Journey.
Apart from that, nothing much to report, the usual blogging, renovating the house, gym sessions, freelance jobs and probably some shopping too. 

Thanks again for all your support.



  1. Great job! It's definitely a journey (one I am on too), so I applaud you for all your hard work!


    1. thanks for your lovely comment. Good luck with your diet too. xx


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