My Diet Journey || Week 6 & 7

Sunday 1 March 2020 Banbury, UK

17th February -> 23rd of February.

W E E K  6

It seems like I only started 2 days ago. Crazy!
I know you are all waiting for the loss result so here it is: I lost 3 lb this week. So the grand total is: 1 stone and 5 lb in 6 weeks. Its insanely good. My next milestone is: 1 stone and 1/2 ! Which is approaching fast.
My next Slimming World weight in is on the 24th February. So I'll tell you all about it on my next post.

How was my week?
If you read my last post, I was a bit on edge to go to Nando's on Monday with my friend Anne. Long story short we were both off and free from kids so we decided to go to Stratford Upon-Avon for a bit of shopping and eating. Anyway ... turned out we both did very well at Nando's (Anne is also on the Slimming World program) and below picture is what I had, keeping in check with my diet plan. (Lemon & herbs butterfly chicken breast, steam brocoli and corn on the cob).

18th February 2020
Its Tuesday, the day after the weight in at Slimming World. I feel low. I shall not feel low but I do. I think it's the third time I feel that low the following day after a weight in (even so each time I lost between 1 and 1/2 lb to 4 lb). At first I could not understand why? I shall be happy but instead I am on a wave of low self esteem. 
After talking about it with my mental health nurse and also thinking a lot about it I believe the reason why its, even so I am losing weight, I still cannot see it. I am not 100% sure its the reason but I am almost certain it is. I still fit in my normal everyday clothes and I guess I want to see physical change. I do no longer want to fit in my 22 + size clothes. I know it will show one day but I have to learn to be patient. Today it's hard.

19th February 2020
My gym session this morning was good. One hour of exercising. After the gym, once again, I felt low. I believe this time around it was the hunger. It was lunch time and I was starving. Pizza Hut and KFC are literally yards away from my gym. I cried, one hour later, in front of my plate of dressing less lettuce, radishes and steam chicken breast.
My husband reassure me that I was upset because I was just hungry and that tonight he 'll cook me an healthy, full of flavour meal.

20th February 2020
I am still not feeling right mentally. I believe it could be due to the gloomy weather that have been covering Britain for the last 3 weeks or perhaps its something else? I nap today for like an hour. I hate napping. It felt like I was lazy but I was so feeling down that shutting my eyes was the only option. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

21st - 23rd of February 2020.
Not a great end of this week, my IBS came back making me feel bloated and I had a loss of appetite. The positive aspect, if I can call this positive? Its that I may lose more than I bargain for on Monday weight in. 

W E E K   7

24th February 2020 
My IBS is still here but I was determinant to not let this put me down and starved myself because of it. I decided to go back doing my healthy Slimming World eating today and so far so good. 
My weight in is this evening. I'll keep you updated. 

25th February 2020
Happy Pancake day ! Not like I am going to eat any but if you are, please have an extra one for me (with nutella preferably).
My weight in was last nigh . I lost only 1lb. So disappointed that I cried and I was about to leave the premise and go back home when Anne walked in and reassured me. I walked by in with her and we listened to the talk which oddly was all about those weeks when we put the hard work and we dont get the result. I did not put the hard work the week before not because I ate badly but because I ate too little due to my IBS etc.
I am not going let that stupid IBS taking over my life so with that I am back on following every aspect of Food Optimising with Slimming World starting NOW.
I am not going to lose an other pathetic 1lb next week but I'll aim for higher. 

27th February 2020

I have been fat shaming in the street today by two brainless guys. There is nothing else to say about it.

28th February > 1st of March 2020
We finally made that Chicken Tikka with Aubergine Rice from the Slimming World booklet. Honestly it was so yummy that husband and daughter want me to make it again. I highly recommended it even if you are not following a diet. Here the recipe again if you would like to try it too. 

Apart from that I went to the gym for a third time this week and I am proud of myself I usually aim for at least twice a week but 3 times its better.
My weight in is tomorrow and of course I'll let you know on the next chapter.




  1. You're a huge inspiration to me, Marie — seeing you staying so strong and following the goal is absolutely amazing ❤


    1. aww...thanks Berenica . You re so lovely and your words mean a lot to me. thanks.

  2. Wow you're doing amazing so far! I really wish I was losing as much, mine's at a standstill right now! xo

    Makeup Muddle


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