Combe Martin In North Devon

Thursday 17 March 2022 Combe Martin, Ilfracombe, UK

My husband and I decided to spend a few days by the sea and our destination of choice was Combe Martin in North Devon. As we are planning to travel to France in about a month's time, for another holiday, we decided that for this long weekend to look for affordable and cheerful accommodation. We settle on The John Fowler Sansaway Beach Holiday Parks. We wanted somewhere clean, quiet, and with a sea view. Well... we got all this and more, as our weekend was not during half term the Holiday Park was only a 1/4 full so we had the quietness, the clean bungalow and what we were really pleased to find out its that we were given a sea view bungalow which we enjoyed a lot!

On our arrival, we took it easy (well after spending over 4-5 hours of driving) we decided to settle in our weekend bungalow then to exercise our legs we walk down the Holiday Park to the main beach in Combe Martin, which was very easily accessible and only took a couple of minute walks. 
Then back to our bungalow, where we settle in for the evening/night by getting our pajamas on (obviously hehe!), book, sketchbook, and magazine were out and mostly enjoy the view and a 'no-screen policy' have been pretty much respected.  

 As we are members of the National Trust we decided to take advantage of this and visit the Arlington Court with was a couple of miles from Combe Martin. But more about this delightful  National Trust place on a future post of mine so watch this space!

 After our visit, we decided to go to the Woolacombe beach and have a long walk on the sandy beach, despite a very windy afternoon we enjoy walking up and down the very long sandy beach and we definitely enjoyed the fresh sea. After a few window shop browsing at the Watermouth center town, we decided to go back to the Combe Martin's bungalow for a well-deserved rest and dinner. More good food, sketching/ reading, and sea view were on the menu that night. 

On Sunday we decided to spend no time in the car so we decided to go for a long Coast Path around Combe Martin but before that, we spent a good hour on the main Combe Martin beach and adventure along the beach during the low tide (a must-see for rock pool and discover natural and human-made caves).

The area is surrounded by Coast Paths, just head over to the Tourist Information desk and they will kindly guide you on where to find all those Coast paths but even without the help of an information desk, most Coast Paths are well signed and this is exactly what we did. We followed one that was clearly marked by Combe Martin beach and took us to the Hangman cliff. It was a moderate walk but seeing the whole of Combe Martin, the sea, around beaches, and the Hangman cliff was worth the hard work and we got very lucky that by the time we reached that beautiful viewpoint the sun was absolutely glorious (a few hours earlier it was very miserable looking with few showers). 
We spent a good hour immersing ourselves with the view in every direction until we decided it was time to come down the path and sat by the beach for a well-deserved hot chocolate. 
Then after a good rest and some shell hunting, we decided to go back to our Coast Path challenge and decided to take another path this one the opposite of the one we did in the morning. This patch took us to the Mermaid's Cove and Sandaway Bay (South Side of Combe Martin).

 After over 20,000 steps (Thanks to my Samsung Health steps monitor) we decided to pay a visit to the local shops at Combe Martin, half of them were closed (Offseason) but we managed to visit the charming Moor to Sea shop, where a mix of bath and lotion products, animal glasses, local artworks, handmade knitted toys and baby clothes (made by the owner) and all sort of charming little things are waiting for you. I settle for a Moisturising Cream hand-made and a knitted jellyfish as a souvenir for my daughter, which by the way she hasn't stopped sleeping with it since then. 

On our last night, we decided to treat ourselves to a dinner out so we went to the Holiday park restaurant were, because of the good review, we decided to try it out, we bought decided on a curry which was lovely.  Cheap ad cheerful and watch down with few pints, trust me it was more than needed after over 21K steps in a day. 
And this is our little long weekend getaway. I highly recommend Combe Martin, especially for a long weekend or just a couple e of days the area is surrounded by beautiful sites from beaches, caves, coast paths, and many other activities are available as paddles, surfboards, etc. Also during low tide, the Come Martin main beach is a delight for the kids, with plenty of rock pool and little things to discover. 

Have you been to Combe Martin before or planning on a North Devon trip? Tell me all by commenting below.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Oh, this looks really lovely! Such a gorgeous nature and a beautiful town. Must have been a great trip!



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