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Saturday 12 March 2022 Banbury, UK

I always have an interest in a Tarot reading, but until fairly recently I realised you do not have to be very knowledgeable (at first) or have a natural instinct to enjoy reading Tarot cards to yourself and to try for fun with your friends as long as they understand you are a beginner and learning as you go along. So without questioning it even further, I equipped myself with a tarot set of cards, a Tarot card velvet tablecloth for the 'wow effect' of course! and I got myself a beginner guide book and I was ready to go.


How to choose your Tarot set?
 Really it depends on what kind of design you like, from the traditional Marseille Tarot to beautiful anime-style Tarot or even artists designing some all around the world. Whatever you fancy, whatever design you feel a connection with, then it's the one. Truly the design itself does not matter on the actual reading as long as you love them and feel connected to them then it's good enough to carry on your journey to Tarot reading. 

Do I need a Tarot card velvet tablecloth?
 No, you do not need one. I purely bought mine because I thought it was really pretty and practical when you display your cards etc (better-grabbing feel) but really, you do not need a Tarot tablecloth. But if you do like the dramatic effect, the touch, etc, then go grab one they are a click away from all styles colors, and prices.

Is there Tarot rules to follow?
Yes and No! Of course, there are rules that you can decide to follow to the letter or you can make your own rules or take some and leaves others. That is the magic of Tarot reading or what I really like about it. As you go deeper and deeper into it as you start understanding the meaning of each card then it's up to you to decide on the rules. You're the one connected to your own set of cards so make the rules, or follow them or just break them, and don't forget just have fun with it.

Do I need a beginner book?
 I'll strongly suggest you do most to understand what you are stepping into and once again you are free to choose what you want to read. As you can imagine out there they are hundreds and hundreds of books on tarots for the expert to the beginner. 

How shall I start?
 Honestly just go right into it and learn as you go along. This is what I used to do at the beginning. Playing with my Tarot cards, looking at them, having a feel for them and their meaning, then equipped 
with my little book beginner guide I slowly try to understand the meaning of the card I selected for my 1st reading.

Are you thinking to get into Tarot? Tell me all by commenting below. 

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I've been studying Tarot for a while. I have two decks, one for personal use and one to learn on. I also have a few blog posts on Tarot over on my blog. ♥



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