My Spring's TOP THREE- Glitter & pop color Edition.

Monday 21 March 2022 Banbury, UK

The TOP THREE that is going to be on all fashionista this coming spring. So get ahead and get yourself those 3 Spring must-haves.

Short suit.
 The short suit is back and with that, we like them colorful as it's Spring, after all, I am thinking olive green, dusty pink, bright yellow, or a more classic nude color. whatever color rock your boat babe! And don't forget to favor silk cotton or linen for a light texture and a less formal style. 
Pair them with dainty gold jewelry, aviator-like sunglasses, a pair of heels r simple a pair of loather and you're ready for that power look.

Glitter, glitter and more glitter. 
Think skirt, top, and even jacket. Yes! Perfect for the party girl inside all of us even if you know already that you'll be home by 9pm to catch up on your favorite Netflix series. Pair them with a pair of heels or for a more relaxed street look pair them with 90s retro pair of trainers because yes you can wear glitter in the full daytime too.

Colour Pop trousers.
 Choose your favorite color as long as it's bright. Pair it with a floral shirt or a granny colourful cardigan oh and don't forget oversize jewelry, a pair of heels, or your favorite trainers. Now do that catwalk for me, because you'll look like a rock star. 

Where to buy affordable 3 Spring Must Have, here is a little selection to get you going:

Colour Pop Trouser:

All the Glitters:

Short Suit Set:

What are you must have this Spring, tell me all by commenting below? 



  1. I like the idea of colour pop trousers! x


    1. me too. on the hunt for one. I already own a glittery skirt :)

      thanks for your comment. x


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