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Wednesday 27 April 2022 Banbury, UK

Finally, Spring is here, and with that, I noticed a shift in the way I dress up, I like pastel colors a little bit more than I used to. Don't take me wrong I am still a rock chick at heart and still love my dark color wardrobe but I supposed perhaps that change is because I feel more confident within myself hence embracing a little bit more colorful garments and especially jewelry, well in a small dose for me right now but still it is an improvement right?

  What I'll be up to this Spring?

France, I actually already wait and back to and from France and an upcoming post is on its way with all you need to know from my Spring South Of France little travel. 
But my husband and I are talking more and more about a long weekend away to The Lake District for some water sport such as canoe kayak etc. Nothing is 100% certain just yet but likely to happen sometime soon.
On other travel, we are planning to do to Denmark altho I believe this is a trip that will more likely happen during the summer break time rather than Springtime but still summer is kind of around the corner so that is exciting.

 Blog Post.
Definitely more travel-related posts but for some upcoming beauty reviews and you know the usual lifestyle bits and bobs. Not a bit change really. 

I am back at drawing, mostly manga or K-pop-inspired sketches or drawing. It's something that I really enjoyed and I am trying to spend more time on it. If you want to see my few latest dawing check this link up. 

Just like Autumn (find here my Autumn mood board) Spring often inspired me for a different kinds of photography and more of the outdoor really and all the colors that are surrounding us. I am more and more interested in my 35mm photography rather than digital. Just check my blog for some of my posts regarding 35mm photography. Here is my latest one just click here.
So expect more non-digital photography. I can't wait to show you more on my little blog of mince.

And that is about it really, I mean lovely already and you know I will see how thing goes. What about you ? Any plans for this Spring / Summer period? Tell me all by commenting below.

Thanks for reading.



  1. How amazing is that we can travel now! I'm so jealous is upcoming for you as Australia is going to be winter, I hope that you achieve all the things spring that your heart craves!


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