The past Few Weeks #10

Tuesday 12 April 2022

It's been a while since I have not done one of my posts from my series: 'The Past Few Weeks'  and to make it more special it's officially the number 10!  My latest one was in February 2020 so  2 years ago! Ouch...! how to explain this? Well, Covid happened I guess and 2021 has been my slowest year, since I started my blog in 2014, and by that I mean I barely post anything. 
2022 is a different story already as I found my blog mojo back, yaass! Easy to see with the higher number of posts that have been posted already since the beginning of this year.

Anyway back to this post and if you haven't seen my last one find it here

So what has been happening for me for the past few weeks or a few months really? 
Ups and downs like most of us I guess but on the positive side, I came back to my diet.
(Just a side note that I do not promote weight loss but my diet is for a personal health reason to help with a chronic illness.)
As I mentioned dieting is back in my life. It's not easy every day, but I so far lost 1 stone thanks to the help of my local Slimming World group that has been helping me achieve this. 
The journey is still long for me to achieve my target weight goal but I will get there eventually. As they said it's not a race but a marathon, right?

New Job.
 Back in June 2021, I took on a new position as a Brand Advisor for an American-based company (with thousand of employees all around the globe) and I can work from home which is lovely. Not only do I really enjoy this new job but the fact that I can stay at home without worrying about commuting etc it been a delight also the amount of money I am saving on petrol/ train tickets and even lunch is wonderful.

No Blogger event to report:
 Apart from my last one back at the end of 2019 (Pre-Covid) for  The Ivy Oxford Breakfast Blogger Event, which you can find here. Blogging events have been very quiet or rather non-existent for me, perhaps a change in the industry? Covid? Who knows? But I do miss them especially since they were, for obvious reasons, places to mind fellow bloggers and brands. Hoping they'll be back in months or weeks to come. 

 France has been here often and by that I mean husband and me along with our 5 years daughter have been visiting France on a few occasions to spend time with my family or just visit different areas of my country. My latest post about our France visit is here.
 Guess what France is once again on the menu this year as we are planning to travel down to the South of France in a few days time which I will report back on here obviously.

We visited Bruges in Belgium for a few days just before Covid entered the world end of 2019 I guess we were lucky to have traveled a few months just before the first UK lockdown. You can find my post about Bruges here

And last but not least, I visited lately, with my husband, Combe Martin in North Devon for a little breakaway. Find all about it right here.

Back at drawing.
 When it comes to drawing or sketching I am the kind of person that will draw all the time for like weeks then stop (for no particular reasons) for weeks at a time. Anyway ...lately have been sketching a lot and I am enjoying every bit of it also highly recommended if you suffer, just like me, from anxiety. Here are some of my latest sketches featuring manga drawing and Kai ( my muse and bias) from Exo & SuperM. What do you think?

Photography 35mm film
Last but not least for the past few months I really embraced photographing with my two vintages 35mm camera. Something nice about going off digital for back in the day when things was simpler. I have a few blog posts done regarding my 35mm films find the theme here and here

So here you have it. What about you? Tell me all that you've been up to lately.


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