A day in the French city; Toulouse through my 35mm Film

Monday 14 February 2022 Toulouse, France

Toulouse the pink city one of the most upcoming cities in France is vibrant, gastronomy, fashion, and the most prestigious universities but also the home of the European spacial project. Whatever you're in Toulouse for, this city will have it! Did I also mention this beautiful city is based in the South Of France so expect sunny weather at least 6 months of the year?
 A few months ago I visited my family in France which is located about a 45-minute drive away from Toulouse.
 So you know exactly what I did there? Grab my AGFA Photo 35mm camera, the husband and off we went to spent a whole day in this beautiful city. 
I tried my hand on taking as many pictures as I possibly could with my 35mm camera and even so I tried to get the light right etc, only a third came out 'ok'. I have to say it's definitely a learning experience, but never the less I still love them and they have that 'je ne sais quoi' vibe that I absolutely love. I always hope for no digital access to a USB card or whatnot (to avoid myself from editing them) I always ask my 35mm films to just be printed as raw as possible. I guess I am a bit tired at times of the overly photoshop, filter, and so on that, we are all guilty to use. Going back to the root can only be refreshing for the mind. 

So what have ve been up to during that day at Toulouse well..we visited the Toulouse Naturel History Museum and we also visited the exhibition they had at the time ( see it all here) , but did some shopping, people watching on the terrace while sipping hot chocolate, ate the most wonderful sandwich made of french goat cheese and local figures along with a traditional chocolate crepe. I mean heaven on earth. We also embraced all the architecture, mosaics, fountains. 
It was a sunny day chilly at the time but very sunny and below its few bits and bobs that we saw and enjoyed. 
I'll be back with another 35mm film project in a few weeks' time!

Have you visited Toulouse before or planning to? Tell me all by commenting below.

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