A day in Bordeaux - France

Wednesday 24 December 2014 Bordeaux, France

This Christmas my boyfriend and I are visiting my family in the South of France. From London to Carcassonne its pretty much around 15/16 hours drive which is way too long to do in one go, so we decided to spend two nights in Bordeaux, which is about 8 hours drive from Calais.

We thought that way we get to visit a beautiful city and get some rest before having another 4 hours drive to my parents.
If you don't know know where Bordeaux is, please click here .
Bordeaux not only has amazing architecture but this city is also booming, offering a very strong economy, a diversified culture and also has everything to offer; from amazing wines, to beautiful castles and white sand beaches which are only 30 minutes drive from Bordeaux .

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