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Wednesday 31 December 2014 Carcassonne, France

I am in France right now visiting my family for Christmas and when I'm in France I can't not go to Sephora.
Here Sephora is an institution, a French company created many moons ago and which can now be found a bit everywhere in the world.

Here is what I picked up:
A Clinique moisture surge 30ml pot. You know my love of Clinique products so I couldn't come out of Sephora without getting one. I tried it already and regretting nothing !!

NAKED 2 palette, who doesn't know Urban Decay and their famous palettes? This is the first time I got one, it took me a while but better now than never. I had the choice between the palette No1 or No2 but I chose the No 2 as I thought the colours were more suitable for my complexion. I have so far tried these shades: Choppers, Pistol, Half Baked and YDK. Already the quality of the pigment is high and the texture stays on all day! Already regretting not getting one of these palettes sooner! :)

Two Sephora own brand lipsticks: 'Bewitch Me' a dark plum colour and No 39 a very light glittery nude shade. So basically I went for a dark colour and a very light colour! Yes I do like experimenting.
Both lipsticks are very moist, Bewitch Me is very pigmented and does give a vamp colour which I really love. Shade No 39 will be used more often for an everyday look especially during my office hours. It is not the 1st time I got a Sephora lipstick and I never get disappointed.

A Chanel rouge Allure range -shade 99 PIRATE, a very deep red, a beautiful lipstick that as per usual I am going to cherish, no point to give a review on Chanel lipstick they are by far what Chanel does best in the lip range. Sorry for the picture which do not give any justice but here a link for a better colour detail.

I got also a compact foundation from Sephora's own make up range. I've never used their foundation before so this will be on trial in the next few days. The shade is No 30 Sand.

Last but not least, I picked up an eye shadow primer from Sephora's own beauty range. I've not tried it yet. I have to say I bough it thinking I'd use it before applying the eye shadow from the naked palette, but I don't think this will be needed with this particular palette, but perhaps I'll use one of the other eye shadows that I own. 
Do you know Sephora?


Here links of all above products if you wish to get your hands on them or simply visit here


Clinique moisture surge


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