Bourgois Rouge Velvet Edition | review

Saturday 6 December 2014 London, UK

Hi dolls, 

This is my 1st review ever ! And for my 1st one I choose to review Rouge Edition Velvet by Bourgois. To start with I was confused in which category to place it because it is not really a lip-gloss and not really a lipstick. confused? Me too! So I open a new category; "looks like a lip gloss, acts like a lipstick". If you think of something else, please comment below :)
The colour that I chose is No Velvet 08 the darkest shade , Bourgois only released 4 shades.
When I first tried it I was expecting a 'wet' touch on my lips, but not at all! The feel is literally velvety. It doesn't feel heavy or wet, just a lovely velvety sensation on your lips which I have never encountered before. So I was already really impressed and secondly the colour! I was expecting a 50's style mat red look and I got it bang on! The colour is a deep red and I am in love with it! You may need to apply it 2 to 3 times but you get the look at the end. Also lets not forget that it lasts 24 hours! Or at least enough hours without any retouching.
In conclusion I really love that product and I love it so much that I may actually get the other shades.
Marie xx

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