A little Clinique review

Friday 26 December 2014 Carcassonne, France

Clinique products have always been around me especially when I was younger, my mum had shelves full of them but I've never tried them until recently I got the 3 steps system for dry skin. This lot come with 3 products to follow in 3 steps which I quiet like the idea of.

So the 1st product to use in the Clinique regime is the liquid facial soap. I mostly use it to remove my make up, I have to say I am not sure it's the best way to use it but hey why not?! It does remove completely my make up and leave my skin silky to the touch! On my first try I was really impressed as similar products seem to leave a feeling of dryness and freshness after use, which I really dislike but not this one. Also you do not need to use a lot, a small amount seems to be enough to remove my make up completely.

Then the 2nd product is the clarifying lotion. My 1st impression wasn't the best. I found the product quite hard on my skin so I wasn't too sure about it, but after seeing the dirt it removed on the cotton wool I realised that this lotion does exactly what it says by clarifying your skin so you can't go wrong with this product.

The 3rd in the Clinique regime 3 steps, is to apply the moisturising lotion. This last product is just amazing! It is already a favourite. You only need a small amount to apply and your skin is left moisturised in a matter of seconds with no residue or any sticky feeling that you can find on some similar products.

Over all I didn't find any bad points on the 3 steps skincare by clinique, already a favourite.

What are your favourite products for your skincare regime?

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