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Saturday 13 December 2014 London, UK

Last week I went to a huge store and came across a new shiny hale of  Yankee Candle products , I'll be honest, I have pretty much resisted the whole year without succumbing by the temptation to order some on line and it was really hard! If you know me,  you 'll know that I am totally nuts about candles (ins' it Betsy Boo?)  So waiting a year without trying a Yankee Candle is an exploit I  tell you !!!

As you know it’s Christmas in matter of days now and at this time of year,  for me, means even more candles to alight (insert happy dance here!!!) There is nothing better than watching a Christmas themed movie, with a hot chocolate , a purring cat on your lap, a boyfriend fixing something in the flat (He likes fixing stuff) & of course half a dozen of candles all-over my apartment .Yankee of course…
So here am I minding my own business between the hale of olives and cat food,  when suddenly I was hit by a sweet smell (no...not the cat food!) ! The light was on so I entered (yeah such a lame excuse! I was pretty much drooling in front my usual selection of candles already until I seen the Grail: Yankee Candle!)  , and oh lord ! Their selection was huge ! It was so colourful , so pretty, all their scents were just delightful...and I loved  EVERYTHING! And I mean everything! It took me a  freaking good hour to decide on what to take home with me! So I ditched the rest… ( by the rest I mean weekly foods ) and I came out from the store with the essentials : Candles! So here am I with a bag filled with their products and a huge smile on my face!
Me and the cat were very happy  once at home (because he knows it's lap time when candles are on but not so much a happy boyfriend as the fridge was empty ) .
So far I have tried only one sample candle (Christmas memories) Not In a picture as it has all burned off but I still got and cannot wait to get the opportunity to try all the below:
In the family tart I got :
-Vanilla cupcake
-Angel's wings
-Black coconut
-Christmas memories
-Christmas garland
Along with a white melt warmer.

I also got a medium jar from the simply home range:
-Christmas treats

and as candle samples I got:
-Christmas cookie
-Frosted spruce
-Strawberry buttercream
-Angel wings
-Honey glow
-Season of peace

Damn you Yankee Candles! It's too late I  am now addicted!!

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