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Wednesday 29 April 2015 London, UK

I am a very lucky girl because few weeks ago I received an H&M gift card. It came at a brilliant time as I was much in need of a new Spring and Summer wardrobe. Also as I am off to Barcelona in few days time and temperatures over there will be on average of 28 degrees it was even more of an excuse to do a little shopping.

What I choose is very me, I love the "rock chic" look but when it comes to hotter days my wardrobe is more casual, simple lines and light colours. I guess you could describe it as basic but trust me to personalised it with some jewellery, a handbag and red lips.

I got two basic t-shirts with a little pocket on the left side and roll up sleeves detail which I really like. Each cost £7.99

I also got an elasticated large trouser with pockets. I like the comfortable and fluid texture of this trouser and I though it will be ideal when strolling in Barcelona streets or go for a picnic in Greenwich park in London. This trouser cost £14.99

I also treated myself to a well needed new pair of sunglasses, I always go for the aviator style I think this style of glasses will never go out of fashion, they also suit me well and goes with every outfit.
The sunglasses cost £5.99

Another treat is I got myself a cute hand bag, I was in a lookup for something which wasn't too big and too small either for my little trip to Spain! I like the fake leather effect and golden detail! Also when it comes to hand bags I love the one you can wear across your body for comfort I also love simple lines & colours so they match most of my clothes. This handbag cost £14.99

Last but not least I also got a simple gold necklace at £2.99 which will give a lovely chic touch to my summer outfit.

As you can see, Pumpkin my cat, was rather very interested about the handbag, necklace & sunglasses, so two thumbs up from him or shall I say two paws up!!
He was very helpful with me while photo shooting this post mostly by trying to chew on the necklace or my handbag straps, I guess he was just testing the quality, right?

Overall the total cost was £54.94, I guess for 6 items this is rather a good bargain. I do love H&M I personally think that their quality is a bit higher than some other low cost retailers out there.

If you are interested by purchasing this look you can find them all available at H&M by clicking here.

Do you like any of these items? What is your favourite summer look?
Please leave me a comment below, I always comment back.


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