Skyr Icelandic Yogurt breakfast launch

Friday 17 April 2015 Soho, London, UK

This week I had the amazing opportunity to be invited by Arla for the launch of their new Skyr Icelandic Style Yogurt (pronounced skeer). The launch was held in the beautiful Ham Yard Hotel in Soho London. When I got the invitation I certainly could not refuse! I love yogurt especially natural yogurt or Greek yogurt you know the thick luscious one where you can stick your spoon in it without sinking! Yeap those type! So getting the chance to try a new dairie product that I know I would just love was two thumbs up opportunity for me! And to get to spend a warm and sunny morning in a beautiful hotel in the heart of London well let's say...... I just couldn't wait to get there. 

At our arrival we were welcomed by the team behind Arla's Skyr new product, following by an introduction to the nutrition value of Skyr Icelandic Style Yogurt by Charlotte Stirling-Reed from SR Nutrition (Press this button for SR Nutrition.). Then came the most interesting part, we got to try Skyr Icelandic Style Yogurt and to go with it we were offered a beautiful yummy breakfast. After enjoying bite size salmon bagels, buttery croissants, fresh fruits etc we got the chance to try Skyr yogurt with some granola. I love yogurt I love granola so mixing both was heaven on hearth for me. And then we went even crazier because we got to try it turned into a smoothie. Right who doesn't like smoothie? Skyr on its own is great, it's silky smooth, thick and does not have that acidic after taste. Trying it with, for example, granola adds a crunchy nutty twist to it. Turning it into a smoothie with your favourite fruits will be a healthy, creamy and refreshing way to enjoy something that you wont feel guilty about it! I also learned that Skyr Icelandic is actually an Iceland recipe over 1100 years old!!! I surely didn't expect this but here you have it! It is made of skimmed cow milk and it is hight in protein and low in fat (perfect to fill up my naughty stomach when mid day hunger strikes)  about 10% higher protein than other yogurt. These are some facts for you, to bring to your dinner date...haha!! Or if you attend a yogurt convention soon. (do they exist? i need to check this out !!! don't go without me).

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For more detail on Ham Yard Hotel the link is here.

After our tasty experience, we left the hotel and had a guide tour around sunny Soho with our friendly guide: Peter Berthoud. He took us to quirky, interesting places like Greek Court which is one of the shortest streets in London. We also went to the Phoenix garden, a cute hidden secret garden away from Londons busy streets, and also the location of the 1st scientific documentary and the world's first colour film produced at Urbanora house in Soho and many other interesting facts and historic locations around Soho.
(Click here for Peter Berthoud tour guide web site).

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This Skyr Icelandic breakfast launch was great! I got to discover a great product that I will certainly buy again, also I got to meet other bloggers that I really hope I'll meet again and learn more about my beloved city of London. On top of that I get to take home some great goodies including enough Skyr Icelandic yogurt to last me two yummy weeks. And let's not forget a big smile on my face for a beautiful morning well spent. 

Just so you know Skyr is available on most high street stores.They come in large pot or smaller individual pot. Comes in different flavour such as honey, strawberries, blueberries, vanilla and obviously in its natural form. But I'll leave all details below for you to check it out.

Click here for Skyr Icelandic Style Yogurt web site.

And last but not least press here for team behind the launch organisation.

Have you tried Skyr Yogurt? Any great yogurt recipes to share with me ? Please leave me a comment below! Thanks.


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