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Wednesday 22 April 2015 London, UK

Let me introduce you to Marshmallow Hearts by Treaclemoon. I got this soft pink bottle at my local Tesco store, I know this is not the most glamorous place to get beauty product but Tesco has a very wide variety of affordable beauty and bath products.

 I was on the lookout for a brand that I am not familiar with and that offers different scents as I have to admit  I often get bored to finding same products over and over again (This perhaps explains why I love Lush so much as you never get bored of all their very inventive products). This bath & shower gel was picked because I really like the plumpy bottle look, the light pink colour and most of all the scent and at £2.99 for 500ml this was rather a bargain. As per the title you probably guessed it, it's a marshmallow scent which I love very much. I used that shower gel many times already and let me tell you that if you like sugary , sweet scents this will suit you perfectly. I won't lie, the scent does not last all day on your skin but for pampering yourself or a soak in a sweet smelling bath this product is perfect.
Treaclemoon offer other scents, than Marshmallow you can find : Ginger, Apple Pie, Raspberry, Strawberry, Cocoa, Lemonade, Vanilla etc. Also limited edition scents such as Cinnamon etc. 

Please click here for Treaclemoon's web site.
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