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Thursday 7 April 2016 London, UK

Spring is here ! Yeeesss! and with that shops all around are full of new stuff that well.... I just want to get my hands on but that won't be too good especially for my bank account. Having said that I couldn't stop myself buying a few items that I just adore.

Let's start with the trusty Primark, perfect for inexpensive t-shirt that just look so summery. This time around I got this stripy white and light blue t-shirt that any good French person would wear ...wait... what ? Cra* I forgot I was French tut! Sorry can't get away from the stripy t-shirt it's in my genes *place wink Emoji here* .This t-shirt was only £5 so what's not to love? I love the slightly rolled up sleeves and the fabric is very soft. I just can't wait for the  temperature to warm up to wear it. I am thinking black leggings, sunglasses, my white converse and my Chanel bag! oh yeah !
Also from Primark I got this copy of Dior 'So Reel' sunglasses. I can't offord, for now, the real thing so the copy will do just fine. And for me it's the tradition to get a new pair of sunglasses every year ...well let's be honest there it's because I keep losing them. This pair was at £3! Bargain again all around.

I could not got shopping without at least stopping by at Selfridge and wondering between all the beauty stands. I stopped at the NYX's one and I got two Soft Matte Lip Creams, in San Paulo & Copenhagen shades (£5.99/each). I did a full review on them so click here if you haven't read it yet! And right now I have fallen back again in love with highlighter but I prefer them mostly in the form of a cream so I got the NYX Liquid Illuminator in the shade Born To Glow. (This was £7). I need the sunshine to hit my face in all the right places so here what the illuminator is there for! 
Last but not least I also got a BarryM nail polish. I have a 'slight' addiction with BarryM nail polishes ...but we won't discuss that as it is way too embarrassing! So this time around I got the Blackcurrant. I mean it looks so summery just kidding but I do love my dark nail polishes regardless the season. Having worn it already, well it is again on my nails as I write this, and let's just say I love it too much for my own sanity. (This nail polish was £4.99).
There you have it my humble little spring shopping which I can ensure you won't be the last this season. 

                 What have you been purchasing lately? Tell me all by commenting below. Thanks


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