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Monday 18 April 2016 London, UK

My Spring make-up routine lately has been rather neutral, I ditched, for now, my bold lipstick signature for something a little more classic. Somehow the rest of may make up has been following the trend. So I thought it was time to show you what I have been loving lately starting with:
MAC Craving- This little number is probably the best buy this year so far for me, I  have been wearing it pretty much every day for about 2 months. It's a neutral tone with a hint of plum and a bit of a pink undertone but I find it perfect for that transition from my bold dark lipsticks of winter to a much lighter shade and its creamy ..oh yes I do love a creamy lippy!
Essence Long Lasting Lip Crayon- This lip crayon, in the shade Plum Cake, has been with Craving my MAC best friends. These two are on the same page, they match perfectly together! Also its a great little crayon, inexpensive, creamy and pigmented what more to ask.
Dream Velvet by Maybelline- This light foundation is just your perfect companion for spring... basically I ditch the 'cakey' like foundation for this lighter velvety one which leaves my skin silky to touch and with a matt texture, a perfect combination.
Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Bronzer in the shade Golden Days- i am loving this bronzer and you know why? its because it is a light shimmery bronzer, not too heavy not too light just right to give me that very subtle bronze effect and to be honest if it was a darker shade I'll probably look like a mess so two thumbs up from me from being able to use a bronzer with my two left hands.
NYX Liquid Illuminator in the shade Born To Glow- Lately I've been re-falling in love with illuminator but in cream form. This NYX illuminantor is a newbie in my makeup collection and is a little favourite I have to admit, not only does it almost match perfectly my Makeup Revolution Bronzer; Golden Days,but it gives me that subtle highlight on the tip of my cheeks, bridge of my nose and and the tip of my upper lip. Come on sun beam hit those places like you mean it!
Lash Sensation mascara by Maybelline- This is my all time favourite mascara, it gives me full lashes and that's all I want from a mascara and it delivers regardless of the season. I love full lashes and I cannot leave my house without it and most importantly this mascara never makes me look like a panda at the end of the day! Yaasssss for the panda-less look!!!

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