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Wednesday 20 April 2016 London, UK

Have you ever had a cup of brew ready, laptop on, notepad at the ready, sitting comfortably, hands on the keyboard and suddenly you find yourself staring at a blank screen. You wait, think...and...nothing...nothing is happening, hoping for a miracle idea but nothing comes to mind, not an hint of ideas! and then you start 'thinking':  'well perhaps I should do a review on that lippy I really loved recently', but then you realise that your last 5 blog posts are all reviews on lipsticks (because you're a crazy lippy fanatic like me) and perhaps it is not your best blogging idea of the year so you stare at that blank screen that increasingly makes you feel very nervous and guilty, and then your boyfriend starts playing PS4 in the background and suddenly shooting at zombies seems more exciting than that the scary blank screen. And before you know it you are on a Zombie killing quest on level 5 and really we need to unlock that pistol that shoot twice as fast because that would really be cool. 

Please if you ever found yourself in this position please raise your hand now! Ok... I can see a lot of hands up so to avoid any more embarrassment from the taunting blank screen, here are 50 blog post ideas that hopefully will help you on those days where your ideas are at level 0. Don't worry we have all been there. And to give you more ideas of what you can write about, I have also included a link to some of my posts that are along the same theme which I really hope will help you. PS: Please add your own blog post ideas as I am always looking for new ideas myself. Enjoy!

- A day in your life in the form of a photo diary
- Your perfect pampering day 
- A review on that movie you recently watched -->look this way for mine here
- A review of your local coffee shop where you get your latte every mornings -> here is mine
- An introduction to your loving pet 
- Your 10 favourite beauty or lifestyle bloggers
- A retrospective of your blogging adventure since day 1 -->Click here for mine
- The highs and lows of blogging
- Your blogging goals
- An evening or morning skincare routine -->mine here
- A review on the last book you read
- A beauty wish list 
- What's in your bag tag
- A recipe of your favourite bake 
- How you edit your pictures
- A review on your bullet journal 
- A review on all your favourite skincare products
- Make up collection
- Your Spring or Summer nail polish collection 
- Share the story behind your Instagram pictures -> just like my Instagram series that you can find here.
- Compare your first ever blog to your latest one and how you improved 
- How you use props in your photography
- Your favourite beauty magazine and why
- Write about a life lesson that your learned
- Your last DIY project
- How you revamp your bedroom
- A travel bucket list
- Review on the camera you use
- What are your favourite apps 
- Share your Spotify library 
- Your everyday make up look
- Your last shopping haul
- Your palette collection
- Show us your make up storage units 
- A review on a product that everybody loves but you don't --> Here's mine 
- Why you started blogging 
- Where you see yourself in 5 years 
- Review of an art gallery --> Here's my blog post 
- Your latest 3 favourites non beauty items --> see my series by clicking here
- Compare luxury beauty items to the copycat high street versions 
- Your Nude lipstick collection
- Review of a monthly beauty box (glossybox, Birchbox...)
- What are your favourite blogging props
- The photography lighting that you use
- What you eat in a week 
- What you love and hate in the city you live
- Your haircare routine
- Your favourite Lush bath bomb 
- Fashion wish list 
-Top 10 under £10 makeup 
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