The Blogger Tea Party at the Popup Patio

Sunday, 17 April 2016 London, UK

When I read The Bloggers Hangout invitation those two words: Tea Party, I was like : Yeap! I am so up for this! Who does not want to go to a Tea Party with many brands ready to let you taste all their delicious new inventions from smoothies to peanut butter, honey juice, chocolate etc. Who wouldn't? it was with great enthusiasm that after a hard day at work I get to try delicious food and to add to my delight I was aloud to bring a + 1 so I took along my best friend Betsy Boo (which by the way has a great blog so please check her blog here).
This Bloggers Hangout Tea Party was held at the Popup Patio at the Finsbury Square in London, a great little venue in the heart of this city can only get two thumbs up from me! Check out their Facebook page as they always organise great little events.
I shall go straight to business by telling you the 3 brands that really stood out for me, first one is the The Cocoa Den, this beautiful chocolate stand was one of my favourites because ...well it is chocolate and I tried a few of their bite size offerings and they were so melty and yummy and secondly they make chocolate with a twist as they can come in different shapes & a mix of flavours to order such as: skulls, hands, pineapples, peacocks, you name it they got it! Basically its fun, yummy and perfect for a themed wedding, birthday, party ...or just for a chocolate fan like me.
 Also another brand that I love its Jake's Boost I would describe it as an healthy paste of nuts and seeds (such as chia, hemp, flax seeds, sunflower seeds etc.) with no salt or sugar added. and I strongly encourage you to check out their blog and website here and try it for yourself! I tasted it and I was convinced that having this beautiful nutty paste on your toast every morning is your ticket to an healthier life, and you know me, I am all about healthy eating so yet again its a brand that I would not forget about and I'll surely place a cheeky order soon. Also a side note, I thought the people behind it think outside the box as to why we always have peanuts butter when there is so much more around. It's healthy and crunchy and is guilt free ...well in my opinion anyway.
Another brand that also was the highlight for me was Just Bee Honey Water. This is the UK's first brand of honey water drinks, so they already had my intention and secondly the founder behind this brand is a third generation bee-keeper. They make honey and now they also make a Honey water drink which is a subtle blend of honey mixed with fresh spring water. This is their classic mix but they also have a few flavours to choose from: Blueberry, Apple & Ginger and last but not least Lemon & Green Tea, all enriched with drops of honey! My personal favourite was the Blueberry one. 
So there you have it, my top 3 brands at the Boggers Hangout Tea Party, once again a big thank you to The Bloggers Hangout for the invitation and to have, yet again, organised a perfect event! I can't wait already for the next one. 


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