A Few Of My Favourite Things #5 | Woodland Edition

Saturday 9 April 2016 London, UK

This is No 5 in my series of 'A Few Of My Favourite Things', (if you haven't seen my last one click here) . This time around I noticed all my little home-ware things have a rather woodland feel, to be honest it was not intentional, perhaps because spring is here and somehow my brain is just is more attracted to rustic looking things...who knows? but I am rather excited to show you all of them. As per usual here my 3 latest favourite things that I totally adore:
Lets start with perhaps my favourite mug of the month (what can I say a cup of tea tastes better in a cute mug, right?). This purple rabbit mug by Paperchase. Three or four weeks before Easter Paperchase had a large amount of lovely Easter themed stationary along with that adorable rabbit mug and other Easter home ware. At the time this mug was at £7 and to be honest with you I could not justify spending £7 on a mug. But just over a week ago I returned to Paperchase (yeap! I am a stationary obsessive, especially with Paperchase) and to my surprise this woodland rabbit mug was on sale at £3! And well this time around it came back home with me. You'll agree with me it definitely needed a home...right?
My second new favourite thing is the adorable jar with a rabbit lid. Which is where I have been keeping my cotton balls that I used when removing my nail polish. I also got it on sale at Paperchase for £3 instead of £6! Oh Yeeesss...I do love a good bargain!! especially when it is that cute. I am so looking forward to eventually moving with my boyfriend to a bigger house and to finally get a dressing table because this is where this jar would find a loving home. Last but not least I lately re-discovered a love for my cute ceramic fox box. I got this cute thing about 2 years ago (during Christmas time) yet again on sale at New Look and I have to admit I almost forget I had it but after a little clear out a few weeks ago, I found it again and since then it hasn't left my bed side table where I usually put just before night time, my earrings, necklace and other bits and pieces in it! 
What are your latest favourite things? Do you have any Woodland themed things like me? Tell me all by commenting below. 
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