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Wednesday 23 August 2017 Banbury, UK

Well If you know me , then you would know that I love food and especially food market/ fair. What more is to love when you are surrounded of great foods from different corners of the globe! This year my little town organised (like apparently every summer) one of those event and, I'll be honest with you because I just left London (after living there for  about 18 years) I was not too sure what to expect from my new little town (Banbury- Oxfordshire) food market I knew how amazing they are in London but I was not too sure how my little town will compare.

Partner, baby and I arrived on a rare sunny day ( Summer difinately gone for the year) at our new little town market centre at about 11 am to be nicely surprise by a very large abundance of stalls with hundreds of different product available to buy or to taste on the spot from; olive oils, jams, cheeses, cakes, name it! Whatever you wanted to get your hand on was there and on along with dozens of stalls offering amazing burgers, giant hot dog (yes need to see to believe it), Jamaican chicken BBQ, falalel wrap, crepes etc. My new little town had nothing to be ashamed of, it was an amazing food fair along with the local giant vegetables, baking and flower arrangements making competitions! Which my partner and I agreed on being part of the competition next year! Chris as the giant vegetable competition and myself as a baker ! Watch this place Banbury!
So here you have it my first local food fair which was a delight for the eyes and taste bud so if you live around Oxfordshire I strongly suggest you come next year and do a little food tour.


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