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Wednesday 16 August 2017 Banbury, UK

I realised lately that I have never done a Morning Skincare Routine post. I know, where have I been? I can ensure you I've been around but definitely not on the trend wagon that's for sure ("please can someone wake up Marie on the back sit please?"). But lately I am definitely feeling that wagon and mostly the love that I have found again with my skincare routine. Skincare is my thing, although I love make up and I would never have enough lipsticks (despite my partner saying otherwise), I just really can't live without smothering my face with nice smelly lotions and potions! 
So what has been on my morning routine lately: 
Exuviance Purifying Gel Cleansing* is the one that has been helping me to remove my panda eyes because lets face it being a mum of a 6 months old cute baby sometimes, between a nappy, cuddle, looking for that baby sock under the bed and the last bottle feed before bed, I may have forgotten to remove half my make up! But this gel definitely is my wake up alarm, with it's deep cleanse, soap free (hello no drying face sensation!) and smooth formula is the perfect shower partner! If only I could reach to wash my back with it too that would be just be perfect!
Then once the panda eyes drama is out of the way and that my baby can now recognise her mother, I 'll use the Monu Fiji Facial Treatment Oil*. My relationship with oil is kind of: sometimes I hate you and sometimes I love you. So this little guy only come along when I feel it is really needed. As oils go this one is actually not too oily and won't make me look like a sweaty shiny mess but penetrates quick and smells divine. It is packed full of apricot & hazel seeds & Rosewood oils is a magic combination to tone, soothe and avoid tightening (honestly Exuviance Cleansing Gel and this Monu Fiji Oil together are best friends) also mostly disappear into the skin quick enough that I can move on to the next part of my routine which is the Hydrating business.

There are three that I use. I know that is quiet a lot but they are so divine that they are here to stay. First up the La Roche Posay C10*. This one helps with skin lacking of firmness, is also a pore corrector and helps with a tired face at times. It is also packed with pure vitamin C and we are liking that! This one penetrates quickly but it is not really an hydrating base, for this reason the following two have to be added to my routine. So I added a brightness and SPF protector which is the Monu Plus Instant Radiance Brightening Boost*. This little pump is there to help with brightening my complexion and is a rescue for any sun damage so I just think it is perfect for the season. The texture is actually very close to the La Roche Posay but does not provide that deep hydration, for that reason I've added my last item into the routine which is the Vita Min Fix 24- Hour Cream by Green People* this is a little tub that does not look like much but it is vegan, has fair trade ingredients and is cruelty free also it is a hydrating pure boost that my skin is totally loving. I love the rich but not too rich texture, the scent that is just dreamy, well hello Evening primrose, Avocado & Seaweed! which by the way are all anti-ageing ingredients. As my skin is a mixed combination of oily and dryness it matches perfectly my need, it hydrates my dry patches but do not make my oily patches even more oily so whats more to ask? And Voilá ! 

What is your morning skincare routine? Have you tried any of the above skincares? Tell me all by commenting below. 


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