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Sunday 13 August 2017 Banbury, UK

Soaper Duper is the new kid on the block, the little one that I feel will soon be on the trendy wagon BUT here to stay.
It perhaps doesn't look like much but when you know their products are supporting the Water Aid & Clean The World foundations and that it is made without plastic microbeads, parabens, colourants, sls/sles or any of the other usual suspects you'll then know that whatever is in those bottles is good stuff for you and the planet.

I lately tried two of their product range: Fruity Green Tuberose Body Wash and Zesty Lemon Body Lotion.
Let's talk about their body wash first. As body wash comes this is not much of a review it really does what most body washes do: It cleans you and makes you feel refreshed and that is pretty much good to me. But what many others don't is to be kind to the world. This one can just go down the drain and I know it will be degradable and not damaging marine life. I know I said I wont review it but sorry I still take few minutes to mention the scent! This curvy cloud like shape bottle is packed with Passion Fruit, Ahas & Shea Butter Suds. It will definitely open your sense and you will at times open the bottle just to sniff it because it is that delicious (I am guilty to have done it on many occasions). and all those ingredient are 93% derived from natural ingredients.  Yeah amazing I know!!
Now its turn for the Body Lotion. It looks like a normal body lotion in a big tube...nothing much to report there but like it's brother this little light green product is derived from more than 98% natural ingredients. Packed with softening sweet almond oil, lime butter (yum!) & a pinch of orange. Smelling good! Also on the same wagon with no use of nasty drying ingredient such as parabens, mineral oils, colours etc. I used these products mostly during the end of my pregnancy and after the birth. This body lotion was a pleasure to apply everyday with the help of my partner because lets face it when you have a massive pregnant belly at 9 months, reaching some part of your body become a real struggle, yes I am talking about those feet and legs! it was a lovely addition to my morning routine along with the body wash. It left my skin soaper smooth (see what i did there!) what more to add or to ask?
Okay, there is one tiny negative point its that how the hell am I going to get more of this brand? Because i finished these products to the last drop! I left London 6 months ago (after living there for 18 years) and Liberty was my 'local' stock. and they don't come by easily now in my new countryside life! I guess I need to restock from their web site which you can fine here.
In conclusion, if you see in your local store these light green funky bottles, don't look away and consider them. yes their market price are much higher (although they are generous on the quantity) than your average value Tesco shower gel! But do you want to save our one and only planet or carry on polluting the water? 

Have you tried Soaper Duper ? Tell me all by commenting below. 


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