The Past Few Weeks #5 | baby, Wedding & New House.

Wednesday 2 August 2017 Banbury, UK

Its been a while since I have written a new chapter of my The Past Few Weeks series, the last one was in October last year which you can find here
So since end of last year, what have been happening?  As you may remember I announced my pregnancy last October. I was at the time about 5 months pregnant and now, obviously, I am no longer pregnant and I have, as I am typing this post, a 6 months adorable baby lying by my side. Her name's Émeline, she is our everything, a little bunch of pure happiness for my fiancé and I. She was born the 4th February at 38 weeks weighing no more than a little 2 kg 540  (5.5 pounds) a very little baby that made her even more precious to us. She is healthy, beautiful and we love her more than words can describe. 
I would love to show her to the world though my blog but I never agreed on plastering pictures of babies / kids in general on social medias so she'll stay off those platforms until she is big enough to decide for herself.

I have a very exciting news to announce: I am engaged! *happy dance* My boyfriend, or shall I say my fiancé now, proposed on my 40th birthday back in December last year, I wasn't expecting it and it was one of the happiest day of my life. We are not yet sure when we'll tie the knot but mostly around Spring/Summer of next year but I 'll get you know in due time.

An other news its that we finally moved out of London back in mid-February to our own first proper house. We are now officially owners & living in the Oxfordshire 20 minutes away from Oxford. The countryside life is great I am loving every aspect of it. I feel happy to know that our child will grow up in a stress free countryside rather than an over polluted London. But do not take me wrong I do miss London (I liverd, after all, 18 years in the big smoke) but being an hour away by train from London I will come back to visit my favourite city in the world whenever I can.

Apart from that, due to the birth, the house moving etc. I do admit that I almost purposely left my blog for about 3 and a half months. I always planned to come back but I didn't knew when until recently where I felt the need to come back. I missed it and I guess that's a good thing right? I do not know where to take my blog? I'll probably changed the name and design in weeks to come but apart from that I think I will, for now ,stick to the type of posts that I like such as beauty hauls, lifestyle, skincare reviews, travels etc.

Do I have any blogging events to attempt?
For once, in a long time, I have no future blogging events planned. The last one, I was supposed to go, was mid-April but my life being much busier since I have a baby I could unfortunately not attempt it also for the fact that it was based in London made things a little harder too since I no longer live in the capital. Hopefully I will, in the near future, be invited to upcoming events because lets face it I really do miss them, they are always fun and a great way to meet brands and connect with other great bloggers.
My last blogging event #BloggersXmas was in December last year organised by SoeursDeLuxe which you can find my post here. As for my latest beauty event was for MAC Aids Fund in November last year too, where I also met for the 3rd time, Anna from The Anna Edit and Lily Pebbles, you can find my post about it here.

Here you have it, my latest news. So what's my plan for the upcoming months: Well a trip to France, a wedding to plan (that we are yet to start!!) and mostly re-decorating our whole new house will keep us rather busy. Talking re-decorating, look out for a future upcoming blog post about the re-decoration of my daughter's bedroom, from odd tasteless decor from previous owner to calm and stylish design. Stay tuned for my first ever design blog post a one that I am pretty excited about. 

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