My diet journey || Week 2

Monday 3 February 2020

20.01.20- 26.01.20

Week 2 already !? But first thing first I must tell you my amazing result. If you read my previous post, you 'll know that due to my car breaking down (now my little car is fixed) I could not go to my 1st weight in which is every Mondays evenings but after talking to my consultant I was informed that I could go to any other Sliming World weight in, in my town if I miss the one from my group.
I end up going to a different group of mine which is every Wednesdays.
Anyways long story short.... I lost 6.5lb ! I mean this is more that I was expected but of course I am not complaining.
Also I did stayed to the talk to that Wednesday group. If you are not familiar with Slimming World you can just come in for the weight in, pay and go but I choose to stay and listen to the group consultant. What I like its she congratulated every single one of us individually (even if you did not lost weight) and asked us how was our week, our strength, where we felt low etc. Regardless your answer even if they are negative she would make sure you came out of her group uplifted and ready for the next 7 days until next meeting.

Oh!! did I mentioned I was the loser of the week? but as it was not my group I did not get the reward neither the goodie bag. Boohoo! I am sure it will be other time. Having say that I play at the daily SW lottery and I won Pinch of Nom I was absolutely over the moon. I am not into cooking book, if I am honest, but since starting my diet have been absolutely loving finding in the SW magazine or else, light recipes to get me motivated. And oh boy that book is full of amazing recipes from breakfast, lunch ...along with Fake Away (a take on lighter versions of any take away etc.) a gold mine of ideas this book is.

Talking about recipe I tried this below Pork & Peppers Vindaloo which was from a SW booklet and I had to share it with you (see below) because it was insanely delicious. Its a keeper. Although I swapped the pork for turkey , I only put 5ml of red wine vinegar instead of 100ml and I did not put the tbsp of sweetener ,which I found it odd to add, but up to you if you want to follow the recipe or add, swap or remove ingredients as you wish.( ps:Also we did not put as much chillies). Anyway even if you are not dieting this recipe is absolutely delicious and healthy.  Try it !

How have been feeling?
Apart one or two days where its been a bit difficult I stayed strong and follow my diet, but I noticed one thing it is very important to add flavour to anything you make as it can be very boring and a danger zone too to pig out of thing you should not eat.
Its a learning progress but I am getting there.
Also my parents are coming in few days time for a week and they are notoriously known for their big meals along with their love for biscuits, cake and everything else in between.
To add things a little more difficult it will also be my daughter 3rd birthday on the 04.02.20  and when there is birthdays there is cakes!..... so I am a bit nervous about this two situations but I am sure I'll be ok.
I may have to work extra hard but I can do this !! 

My next weight in is due Monday 27.01.20 and I am looking forward to it. I 'll keep you updated.



  1. Ahh love this Marie! What an amazing loss! I've been doing Slimming World for about three years now and I've slipped out of my target range and am desperately trying to get back! It's not easy even when you've been doing it a while so you're doing so well!

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    1. Aww... thanks Emily for your kind words. I hope you get back to your target weight soon enough, I know easy said than done but you can do it !!! x


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