My Diet Journey || Week 5

Tuesday 18 February 2020 Banbury, UK

10.02.20 ->16.02.20

Week 5.

Once again I can't believe we are on week 5 already! I mean the time seems to flew by like there is no tomorrow. Its great but at the same time scary.
I know you all want to know how I did on my last weight in with Slimming World which was on the 10th of February. Well....I lost 4lb ! Woopwoop!!! So guess what ? This make a total of 1 stone 2lb lost, so obviously I got my 1st stone reward card! (and stickers I mean stickers are life so I was more excited about the stickers than the actual card|) and I was the Slimmer of the week too, so here is me coming back home with two reward cards but most importantly with two god damn stickers !!STICKERS !! I mean my toddler is jealous of her mum's stickers collection now.
Clearly I am at Slimming World for all the stickers awards. hahaha!! But seriously this shi*, that we call dieting, is clearly working for me and its clearly starting to become serious, in a positive way of course.
Oh! did I mentioned I got a Slimming World goodie bag because I was 'Slimmer of the week' ? Well now you know. It was full of food obviously , so think can of chopped tomatoes, fruits, chick peas and so on. It was nice. I was hoping for a full book of stickers...clearly but nope chopped tomatoes it was instead. 

Also I must , yet again apologise to you , because once again I am the biggest idiot ! I did not do one of the Slimming World recipes this week yet again. So I have nothing to share with you. Having said that I am planning (hopefully in this life time) to do below recipe which is the Chiken Tikka with Warm Tomato & Aubergine Rice. Sounds delish. I though I'll give it to you now and you can telling me if its good or not. But in all seriousness I am hoping to do this recipe "sometimes this month". I'll hopefully report back next week on it.

How was my week?
Gym is going great, I went twice this week. My last session was actually probably my most sweating session so far. I sweat buckets. I slightly changed the program I used on one of the walking machine and it made me sweat more. I guess its a good thing, right? 

Apart from that nothing else to report. Once again came Monday I was very nervous to step on the SW scale. Every single time I get 'mini' panic attack. I must reflect on this because this is not healthy and make no sense either?
Next Monday evening (17th of Feb) is my next Slimming World weight in and on that day I am going to Stratford Upon-Avon with Anne for a mum day off without the kids and we are planning to go to Nando's for lunch. I am already nerveous about this even so I already checked their menu like a billion times and they do healthy things...but my stupid brain of mine go in somekind of 'panic' mode EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I go out for a meal. I'll report back on this next week.

Ok lovelies, I think this is it for this week. Also thanks for all your support each week they do not go unoticed! And if you like reading about My Diet Journey then follow me on Instagram for my  sSlimming World stories along with other stories of course! 


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